Texas Lottery
Finally Explains Proposal!

Below is the Lottery's explanation of the Proposal.
It is the same as I spelled out on my
page titled "The Proposed Changes."

I have taken the liberty of pretending that I am
speaking to them directly and my comments are in blue.
If my comments are offensive to you, I apologize.
But I'm MAD.

Revised 9-29-99

"The Texas Lottery Commission has proposed an amendment to the Lotto Texas rule that would make several changes to Lotto Texas. First, we will now draw seven balls instead of six during each drawing. (Boy, this sounds like a done deal?) The seventh ball drawn will be called the "bonus ball." Players will still select six numbers. Players who match all six of the first six numbers we draw will win the jackpot prize. The bonus ball cannot be used to win a jackpot. (This is 6 out of 54 balls now, an increase to 25.8 million to one instead of 15.8 million to one. Notice how they start out on a postive note - "we will be drawing 7 balls now" but they fail to mention out of 54 balls. This is a sales tactic.)

Players who match five of the first six numbers PLUS the bonus ball will win about $10,000. (Where's my millions? Why not play Cash5 and win $85,000 - it's only 5 out of 39 balls. I thought this was why Cash5 came to be - for this payout!)

Players matching five of the first six numbers but NOT the bonus ball will win $1000. (We've been winning from $1200 to as much as $3200 - I would say the average is $1500. Isn't this less money? Not to mention higher odds?)

Players who match four of the first six numbers PLUS the bonus ball will win $250. (Lets see, this is equivalent to matching 5 numbers - where's our $1500 average payout we've had all these years? You taking that away from us? Gee, I forgot, you're drawing 7 balls now so you need to lower the payout because you "might" have winners.)

Players who match four of the first six numbers but NOT the bonus ball will win $25. Players who match three of the first six numbers PLUS the bonus ball will also win $25. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this use to pay us $90 to $120 and now we choose from more numbers but get paid less for our efforts? This will equate to more money for the state for sure. You'll be paying us less and having fewer winners too. Good business plan. )

Players matching three of the first six numbers but NOT the bonus ball, or players matching two of the first six numbers PLUS the bonus ball will win $5. (WOW - we get a $2 raise - but let's see - $2 into approx. 10 million to 1 more odds - my goodness, what a deal! I'll just bet that we have a whole lot less 3 of 6 winners adding those 4 new balls. )

This means there will be eight ways to win instead of just four as we currently have. The overall odds of winning a prize will decrease from 1 in 57 to 1 in 43, and we expect the number of winners at each drawing to increase from approximately 275,000 to over 606,000. That means over twice as many players will win prizes with these changes. (CORRECTION - These numbers "275,000 to over 606,000" are wrong. They should be "160,143 to over 282,800." Thank you Gerald Busald for catching this error on 9-27-99! I'm pleased to announce the Lottery Commission removed them from their site too.) (My mother told me never to talk ugly in public so I can't write what I'm thinking as I read how you've added sugar and spice to this one. You expect us to believe that since we'll have 8 ways to win we will disregard the cold hard fact that people can't even win 3, 4, or 5 out of the 6 numbers drawn from a total of 50 numbers but when you add 4 more numbers, we will do just super great? If my memory serves me right, you said the same thing about Texas Million - your sales pitch went something like this: For $2 Texans will get 7 chances to win "something - From $10 to $1 Million " and that's why the odds are so much better than the Lotto. All the people have to do is pick 4 numbers ...... out of 100 to win $1 Million. You people don't buy these tickets. How dare you sit up there and try to play us for suckers. Texas Million is a loser, why not direct your efforts to fixing that problem instead of creating more problems by destroyng the Lotto?)

Secondly, we will use 54 balls instead of the current 50 balls. The biggest effect of this will be to increase the odds of winning the jackpot from about 1 in 15.8 million to about 1 in 25.8 million. This still compares very favorably to mega-jackpot lotto games in other states, some of which have odds of about 1 in 80 million. (Hey, you forgot to tell them how many balls they draw the numbers from for 1 in 80 million - there's not even 100 numbers in these games - Furthermore, we don't care about other states. You'reNOT comparing apples to apples here. This tactic is called sidetracking the issue. We only care about our game.)

Because the odds for winning the jackpot prize will increase slightly, (excuse me, did you say slightly?10 million is slight to you? Hey everybody, here's the problem. They think 10 million is slight!) the amount of the jackpot on average will increase. (You bet it will .... because we won't have as many winners.) Right now, the average jackpot is about $9.5 million. With the changes, the jackpot should average about $15.5 million. It will still be easy to win (excuse me, I'm sorry for interrupting again, but did you say 'easy' to win? When was the lotto ever easy to win? You've collected literally billions - but there have only been 369 winning lotto tickets since inception. Just exactly how much has been collected for Lotto Texas alone?)

On average, the jackpot is won about every third drawing right now. With the changes, it will be won about every fourth drawing. (You know better than this. This statement is about as close as it gets to being defined as misleading. That's why you use the word "average.")

Lottery players often tell us they want more than $3 for matching three numbers in Lotto Texas. (Has this been just recently that you've heard this or haven't you been hearing this for 7 years? Why act now?) And they want better odds of winning prizes. (So you add 4 balls?) These changes to Lotto Texas will do all that. (No, it won't - the odds have increased to 1 in 25.8 million. Remember?) Players will have a chance to win two $5 prizes, (We don't want $5) plus other cash prizes ranging from $25 to $10,000. (For this payout, we'll play Cash5 - Much better odds - 1 in 575,757.) The proposed changes give players more prizes and more chances of winning." (Just like Texas Million - Huh?)

There is NOT one player in Texas who intentionally buys a Lotto Texas ticket in hopes of winning $3, $5, $25, 250, $1000, or $10,000. If that's the amount we wanted to win, we would play Pick 3, Cash5 or Texas Million. We want to win MILLIONS. Be sure and note there is an "S" on the word Millions.

Texans are telling you No by the hundreds. Before you make these changes, show us Texans that have told you YES. After all, you say you tested the idea and people were favorable. Show us documentation from your customers who said YES. OK?

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