Below are e-mails I've received
regarding the proposed changes to Lotto Texas.
"Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305"

Remember, we need 100,000 comments and I can't
do it by myself. I beg you, donate several hours
of your time and help me. Please print petitions
and get them signed. Recruit help. It's the
only way we can keep Lotto Texas like it is.
And it will work! (Correction - It
DID Work!)

Your E-Mails

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Subject: Just read K. Elkins letter and your replies. Hello, Here, here...could not have said it better myself! I am so glad that this dumb proposal was rescinded (hope that was spelled correctly). A Great Big Huge grant of THANKS for all your hard work, great articulation and public spiritedness in helping to get this changed!!! Jan C.

Congratutions, you were the loudest voice against 50 vs 54 drawing. Thanks a bunch and I really love your page. Ken M.

Dear Dawn, Congratulations! I just heard over the radio that the commissioners have decided to not increase the lotto to 54 balls. Your campaign paid off. Don M.

Dawn: Just heard the news this morning that the Tx lotto agency got "voted down" on their efforts to revise the lottery numbers - and it's all thanks to your good lobbying on all of our behalf - thank you, sincerely, and especially for your dedicated and hard work! My nos. for Sat. night are: 10-22-23-27-29-32 and I hope you play them, too and we, and a bunch of others all win...I'd gladly share! Thx again!

Dawn, Thanks for your hard work and diligence. Also be aware of what the lottery director said, "further consideration at this time". Thanks again, Sam, Texarkana (Yes, I caught a couple of things in her speech that I was uncomfortable with. I'm still trying to decide how is the best way to handle it.)

Dear Dawn...Do you have Linda Cloud's e-mail...I tried finding it through the lottery page to no avail...I had suggested to St. Rep. Bill Carter BEFORE the last legislature began way before...that they consider selling tickets at the airports...think of how many people travel through DFW in a year...My husband works in Chicago and we buy tickets for The Big Game (multiple state) and the Illinois for this cost 50 cents, but you keep the entire annuity...there are certainly other more innovative ways to increase sales other than the current track they are on...would appreciate her e-mail if you have the time....GOOD JOB! Sue S

Subject: WE WON!!! Thank you very much for getting all of us disgruntled Lotto players together to help push the POWERS THAT BE in charge of OUR Lottery to do the right thing!!! That old adage of--"If it isn't broken- don't fix it!" I think your idea of everyone buying that extra ticket is good for it also gives us each another chance of winning, as well. So, again I say "thank you" and also many many thanks for your work on this website that is so very convenient to us Lottery players. And as I tell my neighbors, who also play the Lottery--"Here's hoping you have good luck, but, not as good as mine!!!!" Jeannete (Thank-you for a very nice message.)

We do appreciate your hard work. The Stevens (Thank you.)

The Following Emails Were Received Before The Announcement

Hello, The fact of the matter is we want to win more often not less. Hell, we can't even hit 3 dollars. It's no wonder people are not playing any more. Let the people win more often not less with higher amounts. Make the odds less for the lower pay outs and odds higher for the jackpot. Let the people win some thing. Or the people will stop all together. John W. M.

Subject: I defnitely will vote NO on this matter; the lotto is bad enough already. I will encourage others to sign a petition against this change. I will start doing it today (10-6-99)! (Thank-You!)

Dear Dawn, If this reaches you, please add our name to your growing list of retirement folks who do NOT want changes to our lottery. We have played the same set of numbers for as long as the lottery has been in Texas. Granted we don't win, but there is always that chance. Don't let me decrease the chances of our winning. We would rather have a 3 million dollar lotto than what they are proposing. Edward and Barbara S. Mansfield, Tx 76063

Just a note. Tried to find the Michael Holmes story as cited on your site and couldn't find it. Seems they've removed it. Keep up the fight. I support you and will be in attendance at the Dallas meeting. Thanks for all you do. Dewayne (Thanks for letting me in on this and thanks for saying you will attend the Dallas hearing. We need as many people in attendance as we can get. See you there.)

I Say NO to Proposed Amendment to 16 tac Section 401.305. This is not what the voters of Texas agreed to when we voted to bring Lotto to Texas in the first place. I am one of those registered voters! R. L.

Hello, Keep up the good work against the new 54 Ball TX Lotto that is totally against that taking place. Saw you on the news. Hope the effort is successful in defeating this stupid concoction they have come up with. I think that the prize money is too watered down now as it is and it seems that they keep whittling away at it. Jan

Hi Dawn, I think you are doing a fine thing. I am very much against the changes that the lotto com want to put in to affect. Please list my letter in your fight. It might have been nice to have a meeting up in the Panhandle to talk about the changes. I will no longer play if they change the lotto. Regards, Bill P. Spearman, Texas 79081

Hello Dawn, Why shux ma'am, you'all know I'd ruther have a better chance to win a big ol' five dollar bill than that ol' 4 million minimum....hehehe!!!!Hang In Ther Kid! Carrol ~~~~~~~<^> (Thanks for making me smile!)

Kim, I just wanted to respond to the new proposal of changing the Lotto to a 54 Ball combination with Greater odds and many smaller type prizes. Once the People figure out what you have done, Lotto sales will drop off even more. When one plays the Lotto they want to win a substantial prize. Not $10,000 not $1,000 not $250 and not $25. I suggest you keep the 50 balls, make a 7th bonus ball and apply it to the 1st prize only and apportion A percentage of the jackpot winning to make the 1st Prize .That way, a person or persons getting 5 balls and the bonus ball could win a million or more. Do not apply the bonus ball to any other prize categories. The 1st prize may roll over with the Jackpot and you could have several players sharing millions as well. Making more millionaires is far better than passing out token prizes to thousands. I believe this will encourage more people to play. Regards, Al

To the proposed changing of 50 balls to 54 balls in the Texas Lotto Drawings we have to say NO! If any changes should be made to the lower-tier pertaining to the people that match 3 numbers out of 6 the amount should be increased to $300.00 or at least $30.00. If you match 4 out of 6 the amount should be $4,000.00 max to a minumum of $400.00. Matching 5 out of 6 the amount should be $5,000.00 - $10,000.00. Otherwise the winnings are not worth much except for those that match all 6 numbers. We have matched 3 numbers a couple of times and collect a lousy $3 that's not even enough to buy a value meal at Burger King or McDonalds. Kara & Lee

As the little boy said, I will pick up my little dollars and go home and not play any more. Wonder who the person was that originally presented this brillant idea? Thanks, Sam Texarkana (I don't know but it sure is fitting!)

NO, to 54 numbers. The occasional, "Big jackpot player" will continue to be a part-time player, but we consistent players who have been the back-bone of revenue for the lottery will cease playing, or greatly decrease the amout the money we spend. James S. Frankston, Tx. 75763

I say no to proposed amendment to 16 tac section 401.305. I for one and many of my friends will quit throwing our hard earned money at this lottery system. The odds are bad enough already. Early this year I asked the Commission why they did not consider lowering the total numbers for the Lotto as other states have done and according to the Texas Lottery Commission, they are in business to make money. Thank You for being so concerned on this matter. GTM - P. S. I sent an e-mail to Sonny Melendrez at Magic 105 FM, and asked him to pass this along to the public. I hope that helps too.

I say NO to proposed amendment to 16 tac section 401.305. It is already hard enough to win with 50 balls. 54 balls would just make it harder. If anything, reduce the number of balls for the big lotto. John S.

Dear Dawn, I just got through browsing through some of the emails. All I have to say is YOU GO GIRL!! In case you don't know what that means - I'm proud you stand up for what's right and that is totally cool! I would like to vote against the proposed change. When I play the lottery, I wanna hit the big jackpot. I have spoken with others regarding this issue and they have the same thoughts - BIG MONEY! Who wants to play a game that has such great odds - not me! Regards, Tammy T. Frisco,TX. 75034

Dawn, I'm getting petitions signed and writing to the Commissioners plus the local paper. I do want to know why it would only take 100,000 people to say no? The population of Texas being what it is I fail to understand that it would only take so few. Please respond to my question. Thanks, Pat T.Harlingen Tx 78550 (Pat, I asked the Lottery how many signatures I needed to stop them from making these changes. They would NOT give me a number. I also asked two of the three Commissioners - again NO number. So I came up with 100,000. By the way, 100,000 is not a few - it's overwhelming me!!!)

I say NO,NO,NO to 54. Keep it at 50 numbers, and give us back 20 year pay. THANKS, Miller n Tyler

I have played at least one game in EVERY LOTTO except 3 since it's beginning...I missed due to my husband and father's death and my son's wedding. So I have a fair amount of money invested in this game. Keep it as it is!!!!! I am putting more money into cash 5 due to wins of 3 and 4 #'s...I'll take a $20 bill over 3 or 5 bucks anyday....Shirley M., Frankston, Tx. 75763 - P. S. If changes are made, I may NEVER play more than one game per drawing. I will go to the boats in La. more often. I use "X" amount of money each month for entertainment and it does not have to be spent in Texas.

Do not change the game . It would be a mistake to add more numbers to the draw. It is hard enough to win as it is now and you want to make it harder. In no way can you convince me you will have more winners. I can't even win now. I've never even come close in all the years you have had Lotto. Now you want to make sure I never win. Leave well enough alone even if the jackpot goes down to 3mil that would still be good. Please don't change the Lotto. If you want more winners then you should change the Lotto like you have the Cash 5. If you have no jackpot winner it goes down to the next number 4 winners. Come on have a heart and leave Lotto as is. I do not want to see it change. John M

We say NO to Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305. The chances of winning
now are bad enough. Do somthing to make the odds better instead of worse. Bob and JoAnn B.

I will stop playing if they change the number of balls in the drawing. There is a group of us (10) that play twice each week and we are all in agreement that we will only play the New Mexico Lotto, if Texas changes. We live only 7 miles from Texas and it is convenient for us. All ten of us hope that the Lotto commission will not do something dumb and change the system. If they want more money - fire some of the high paid staff. Thanks - Allan I.

The Lotto should not be changed. If they change it and it fails they will do away with the whole ball of wax. I think. I don't care for the odds to get any worse than they already are..Heck I still buy 5 bucks worth every Wed. and Sat. ... Even tho my step daughter won the Texas Million,,, I figure that really shot my odds to heck... Very good tho..... Don't care if you are a blond... Pete I. Borger Texas (Thank you!)

If you add the extra balls, we quit playing. It is hard enough to win now, you are making it harder! The F. Family, Copperas Cove, TX

Please forward this e-mail to the lottery commission. Stop tinkering with my Lotto Texas Game. If the proposed changes are adopted I will never play again. Ever since the Republicans have controlled the legislature you have done nothing to better any of your games and have actually lessen the jackpot and how much they grow during each week. Also the way I figure the lottery coffers must have more money as you developed that bogus immediate payment. What happens to the other half of the jackpot the winners do not receive? in fact I would like to see a public accounting of all your annual financial statements made available on your web site. Again leave my lotto alone. H. W. ( I feel compelled to explain this one. I published this answer a while back so I'll just do a copy, paste and edit here. As I previously explained, "Lets say the jackpot is $4 million. Many people believe this means that whoever the Lotto winner is - well, they think he has won $4 million. That is clearly a misconception . A $4 million jackpot means that there is $4 million that will be paid out to ALL the winners - this includes the 3 of 6 winners, 4 of 6 winners and the 5 of 6 winners. Then the Lotto winner gets his share too. The details - Take the $4 million again. Of the $4 million - 64% belongs to the 6 of 6 winner/s; 5% goes to the 5 of 6 winners; 18% goes to the 4 of 6 winners; 11% goes to the 3 of 6 winners and 2% is held in reserve. The reserve funds are used when the payouts for a given game runs over the allotted percentage. They have a stash. So, if you wondered why the Cash Value Option is roughly one-half of the jackpot amount, that's why - your share was only 64%. When you take the 25 year payout option, your winnings are invested and you receive the interest. (I might add here, interst rates are down and this hurts the investments and is another reason the Commission is in a bind.) This means you'll probably receive a total of $4 million because of the interest the money earns over the 25 years.)

.... but did want to say that I also sent a message to the Lotto folks letting them know that I was against the changes.... I was still upset that they cut back "our" prize money and went to 25 years instead of 20 years pay-out. I have yet to talk to anyone who is in favor of the changes.... as I explained to the lottery people, I haven't won anything bigger than $117 (4 numbers) and I've been playing since it first started.... now they want to make it harder.... no thanks. I did get a message back and they were trying to explain in more detail, but I am still against it. That's all I meant to say.... keep fighting .... As you mentioned regarding their open meetings, 10am on a workday won't work for most of us.... Regards, Leon

I will not spend another dime on any type of Lotto, if these dumb --- people don't get smart. NO to any change that will make matters even worse than they are. PERIOD! Meeting places are not included in the Rio Grande Valley. Maybe they think we're to stupid to know the difference. Dee, 78559

Just adding my 'NO' to the JUST SAY NO TO THE TEXAS LOTTO COMMISION on their suggested changes to the Lotto. They need to understand that the game is one of chance for the state as well as the players. Should they shift the odds of winning more into their favor the players will quit. (What am I saying. They win every drawing! They have no chance to loose only to win more.) Regards, Bill

I play the lottery.. I say no,no,no to the "new lottery" talk about the house winning, this is really the pits! Sincerely, Betty W.

Dawn, I just read your HodgePodge page on your web site. Please remind me to never, I repeat NEVER piss you off! Putt F. (Putt, I'm not p----- off, I'm MAD like Eddie Chiles was. The Lottery Commission is trying to make winning the big jackpot considerably harder to win and in exchange, they "predict" they'll make it easier for us to win $5, 25, $250 etc. with their 8 ways to win. You need to understand, the people that make these decisions don't spend ONE CENT buying Lotto tickets and have no idea what it is like to spend their hard earned dollars week after week playing these games. They've made NO effort to ask The People for an opinion, they've "told" us what they are proposing to do and that it could go into effect as early as Oct. 10. They stated that they "needed" to increase their sales so they won't have to lower the beginning jackpot. The only way to make the jackpot "grow" is to "insure" people can't win it. Which is EXACTLY what they are proposing. Someone has to let the people know what's going on and someone has to let the People know it's not too late so it appears I'm the person. Believe me, this is not a fun thing for me to do. I'm just trying to let the people know what the bottom line is.

I have played the lotto every game it has played from the first time it played. I buy a five number ticket for 10 games costing $50.00. For two years I bought two, five number tickets for 10 games costing $100.00. I have at times, spent up to $100 more on a single game. I am about to quit the game as it is. If they make it any harder to win, I am gone. They should be working to give us more of the take. They should be working to exempt the lotto from the federal income tax and reduce the State's cut of the winnings. Grady H. W. Brownsville Texas

I may be the only Player in the state of Texas who is FOR these changes. I spend $20.00 a week on LOTTO, a small $10.00 wheel on each draw. Now, when these changes go into effect I will only spend $10.00 when the jackpot reaches $50.000.000 or so, thats a big savings for me. I will continue to play my normal
cash five tickets until they change that too and I am sure they will. I propose that every player in Texas should buy ONE $1.00 ticket instead of their usual amounts, this will let the commission know how you feel and this will do more than all the petitions in the world. We have to hit them where it hurts the most. BILL S.

I Say NO to Proposed Amendment to 16 tac Section 401.305. I read all the comments you have posted. Seems we are all in agreement that this will kill any chance we thought we had of winning and therefore we all will quit wasting our money. I know I will!! Hope you can forward this or attach it to one of your petitions. Jo El Paso, Texas

I have played the lottery since it started. I spend $8.00 a week and never miss a drawing. I have won about $500.00 since the start of the lottery. If the new changes are adopted, I will not play the Lotto anymore. I also do not believe I will be alone. So it's up to the pencil pusher's to decide if they want to really gamble. IBLucy, CJS, Maud, Tx

Dear Dawn, I had a petition at the Mockingbird and Central. The message I was talking about said that 7-11 management had told the managers not to participate in the protest. I had petition at 5 7-11 stores. I did get 2 pages from one store. Will mail them to you today. Don - Dallas (I can understand why 7-11 won't display our petitions. They want to remain neutral but, hopefully, they will let the Lottery know how their customers feel. As I was in some of my stores this past week (not just 7-11's), I found that 98% of the stores personnel had NO knowledge of the proposed changes. As I was telling everbody about the changes, the customers were listening and stood in lines to sign my petitions. Believe me, word will spread! It is my understanding that 7-11 is having a management meeting next week and the store managers plan to cover this issue. This proves the people of Texas still DO NOT know about the proposed changes. Now, the smaller independent stores will display the petitions because they will speak their minds and they are opposed to the changes too. I have a number of stores collecting signatures for us and they are getting them by the hundreds. For us to reach our 100,000 goal, I need several hundred of you getting the smaller stores across the state helping us too.)

I live overseas and whenever I visit Dallas (around 3 times a year) I but lotto tickets for the maximum 10 draws permitted. If the commision wants to increase revenue, why not increase the maximum draws permitted (like the California Lotto) to 26 or 52 so that people like me can purchase tickets for a longer period? Rohinton R. D. (An excellent idea!)

I hope many many say no to this because it is completely counter productive. We were happy when it was $2 mil start. Let us not forget that even that is a lot of money.... How about 6 out of 45 like Australia or Hong Kong? Ron

I've heard rumors that the game is fixed so that only people in the Houston -Austin area are winners of large jackpots, is there any truth to these rumors? As to all the winners lately it does seem to be that 95% of all jackpot winners do live in those areas . I have problems with the fact that so many winners come from the same areas . I don't think adding more numbers and changing the odds will help sales, I think the only thing that will help sales is to increase the number of winners in the rest of the state . I also want to know how the money the Lotto earns is spent, it was supposed to help our schools but I don't see any evidence of this. Kathy S. Denison, Texas 75020 (Kathy, NO, there is no truth to this rumor. The reason there are so many winners from Houston is because there are more players in Houston than anywhere else. Some months back, the truth was that there were more winners from the DFW area than anywhere else. It may be that Houston caught us by now but I'm not sure.)

I say NO to 54 numbers in the Texas Lotto. Norman E. P. Baytown, Tx

When we allow dumb bunnies to run anything, they think they are dealing with dumb bunnies. Let's show them different. John & Pat B.

To the Texas Lottery Commission, I Say NO to Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305. I submit that the proposed amendments will decrease my lotto play, and the play of others. If I wanted more opportunities for smaller prizes, I would play one or more of the myriad of scratch-off games available. People that play lotto dream of the big win, and are often disappointed with the smaller ones. It seems that the proposed amendments worsen the already astronomical odds. I think these proposed amendments, if inacted, will be disastrous for the Texas Lottery and the citizens of Texas. Best Regards, Bob J. Dallas, Texas

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Thank-you all for your emails and faxes.
Keep your words coming. By the
way, is there anyone for this change besides
the Lottery Commission?



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