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16 TAC §401.305

The Texas Lottery Commission adopts amendments to 16 TAC §401.305, concerning "Lotto Texas" on-line game rule, without changes to the proposed text as published in the March 31, 2000 issue of the Texas Register (25 TexReg 2740).

The amendments change the way Lotto Texas is played by adding four additional balls, changing the direct prize category percentages for each of the prize categories, increasing the guaranteed fourth prize amount from $3.00 to $5.00, increasing the prize pool from 50% to 55%, and increasing the odds of winning. See Figure: 16 TAC §401.305(e)(1). The amendments also clarify that a retailer may enter the number selections via the terminal keyboard if a player is unable to complete a playslip and that the prize reserve fund may be used only for the Lotto Texas game. Other amendments are "clean up" changes to eliminate obsolete language or typographical errors.

Lotto Texas sales have continued to decline. The amendments that change the way Lotto Texas is played by adding additional balls, changing the direct prize categories, increasing the guaranteed fourth prize amount from $3.00 to $5.00, increasing the prize pool from 50% to 55%, and increasing the odds of winning are intended not only to stop the decline in sales but also to increase sales. Lotto Texas sales are jackpot driven. This means that the higher the jackpot, the higher the sales are. Currently, player research indicates Lotto players want higher jackpots. Since Lotto Texas jackpots have not reached these higher levels in recent years, players are buying fewer tickets and, as a result, sales have declined. Also, Lotto Texas is experiencing "jackpot indifference syndrome". When a jackpot plateau is hit, sales traditionally are a little bit lower the next time at the same jackpot level. For example, years ago, a jackpot of $4 million, $7 million, or $10 million was a significant jackpot. Today, a jackpot has to reach $40 million or $50 million in some states, and, in other states, $100 million to experience an exponential lift in sales.

Additionally, Texas border states, New Mexico and Louisiana, participate in a multi-state game that is designed to have mega-jackpots. As a result, Texans cross the borders to play the multi-state games, especially when the jackpots are high. The amendment to increase the number of balls from 50 to 54 is intended to increase the jackpot amounts which will be comparable to these jackpot amounts in the multi-state games with the expectation that players will play Lotto Texas rather than travel to play the multi-state games.

The amendments also increase the guaranteed fourth prize amount from $3.00 to $5.00. Currently, the greatest numbers of Lotto Texas winners are the ones that match 3 of 6 balls. Player research indicates that players want more than $3.00 at the lower prize level. Increasing the guaranteed amount from $3.00 to $5.00 is in response to player requests.

Additionally, the amendments increase the prize pool from 50% to 55%. Increasing the prize pool is a benefit for the players because an additional 5% of sales will be available to pay prizes to players. Further, the combined effects of increasing the prize pool and increasing the number of balls will increase sales, and, as a result, additional revenue will be transferred to the state.

The amendments also change the direct prize category percentages for each of the prize categories. Increasing the direct prize categories for each of the prize categories will have the following effect. Based on an annual projection of 52 weeks, 104 draws, overall sales projected for Lotto Texas are $736 million. Today, the trend is approximately $570 million. The overall sales increase is approximately $166 million. On a tier-by-tier basis, on Match 6 (6 of 6), 29 winners are expected annually. The average expected jackpot prize, on a 25 year payout basis, is $19 million. Currently, the expected jackpot prize is $11 million but $9 million is the actual average jackpot amount. Currently, on a Match 5 (5 of 6), the payout is approximately $1,500. By increasing the direct prize category percentages, the payout on a Match 5 will be approximately $2,500. On a Match 4 (4 of 6), the increase is from $100 to $105. Finally, the Match 3 (3 of 6) amount increases from $3.00 to $5.00.

The changes to the Lotto Texas matrix also benefit the retailers. The Texas Lottery anticipates an additional $8 million in sales commissions to the retailers based upon the projected sales. The Texas Lottery also anticipates an added benefit to the retailers will be an increase in store traffic on Wednesdays and Saturdays as a result of higher jackpots. In the past, when Lotto Texas jackpots were high, retailers experienced an increase in store traffic on draw days.

At the time the amendments were proposed, the Texas Lottery was aware of recent experience by Florida in connection with changing Florida's Lotto matrix. The information from Florida was helpful to the Texas Lottery because it provided the Texas Lottery with recent information on the impact of a Lotto matrix change which involved adding additional balls. In October 1999, Florida changed its matrix from a 6 of 49 to 6 of 53. From an odds perspective, the change in Florida is similar to the change in Texas. As of March 2000, Florida experienced a 26% increase in sales and a 29% increase in the jackpot amount. Additional information indicates that Florida projected reaching $100 million in incremental sales over a period of a year. However, Florida reached $98 million in four months. The Texas Lottery is aware that at the time Florida changed its matrix it also increased its number of draws per week from one to two. While the increase in sales, to some extent, is because of the increase in draws per week, it appears that the primary reason for the increase in Florida Lotto sales is the matrix change.

During the comment period, the Commission received written comments as well as oral comments. Oral comments were received at the April 13, 2000 Commission meeting and the April 19, 2000 public rulemaking comment hearing. The Commission received comments against the adoption of the amendments as well as comments for the adoption of the amendments.

(Note: The TLC had over 3000 comments from players who opposed the
proposed rule - but they listed only these)

Groups or associations that are against the adoption of the amendments are: IBS Lotto Group, Texand Corporation, APC Holdings, IAH Airport Lotto Players, Bolls Distributing Co., Houston Woods & Waters Lotto Pool,, Arbor House, Century Business Equipment, Investors & Individuals, Hajoca Corporation, Courtesy Mart, The Garland Economic Development Partnership, #22557 7-11, #3 Mini Mart, #4036 Vista, #572 E-Z Mart, 108 Sprint 24, 122 Carnival #228909, 185 DS, 255 Diamond Shamrock, 3 Way Gro, 4 Way Kwik, 405 Albertson 78 Hwy, 591 EZ Mart, 5H, 60359 Exxon, 67 Express, 69911 Exxon, 7 Days Groceries, 7-11, 7-11 414, 7-11 #26906, 7-11 #27374, 7-Eleven, 936 DS, A & A Stop Shop, A & L One Stop, A&J Fairmont Texaco, A1 Liquor, Absolute Liquor, Ace 505, Ace Pawn, Adams, Air Cash, Al's Food Mart, Al's Mobil, Albertsons, Albertsons #4264, Ale, Ali's Food Mart, Allsup's #321, Allsups, Am Food Mart, ARD's, Arians, Atascosa Groc, Auto Marine Parts, Aycock Oil Co. Inc., B Parm Mart, B&B Drive In, B&J's Wholesale, Bandara Ice House, Bandera Rd Texaco, Bargain Liquor #107556, Bay City One Stop, Bayside Groceries, Benny's, Big, Big Bear Bev, Big D, Big Dia. #14, Big Diamond #1007, Bill's, Bingo Convenience 114832, Bookoor, Bottle Shop, Brahma Express, Broadway, Buddy's, Burk's Food Mart, C Mart, C. Mart 308, C.M. Grocery, Capt's, Cash King, Chevron, Cig for Less, Circle 7, Circle B, Circle S, Circle Z, CJ Texaco, C-Mart, Coastal, Coastal Mart, Inc 3850, Conoco, Conoco #43048, Cool's Liquor #1, Corner Stop, Country Store, Countryside, Cowart Store, Cowboy Q. Stop, Crossroad Mkt., Curve Drive, D & D Country Food Store, D & DS, D&E Appliances, D. Shamrock, Daily Quick, Dalworth, Dambras, Dana Co's, Delaware Food Mart, Diamond Dougs, Diamond Mini Mart, Diamond Mini Mart #172, Diamond Mini Mart 121, Diamond Shamrock, Diamond Shamrock #91, Diamond W, Dick's Food, Dickinson Conoco, Discount, DLS 991, Don's & Ben's, Don's Food, Don's Handy Mart, Dons & Bens, Dons & Bens 4494, DS 1366, DubyDeli, Dyess, Eagleton's Gro., Eastex Exxon, Easy Stop, El Barrio Food Mart, ES Mart, Etter Grocery, Everday 5239, Everyday, Everyday #523, Express #1, Express Lane #1, Exxon, Exxon Express Market, EZ Food Store 117436, EZ Mart, EZ Mart #208, EZ Mart #320, EZ Mart 120, E-Z Mart 276, E-Z Mart 546, E-Z Shop, EZT Food, Fiesta TX, Fina, Fina Mart, Fina Popeyes, Five Points, Flentge Drug, Food King, Food Playa, Gabriel, Gas & Go #1, Gas Go, Gas-N-Go, Glad Mart, Good Time Store #46, Goodoil #3, Grab All, Greenville Travel, H&M, Hackney Food, Hada Enterprises, Handi Plus #43, Handi Stop #12, Handi Stop #28, Handiplus, Happy Grocery, Hard Stop, HEB 230, Hill Brothers Food, Hill Country Stop, Hitchcock, Holfmann, Hop N Shop #25, Insta-Cash, Insti Cash, J & H Main Stop, J & J, Jack's Grocery, Jalisco Grocery, Jamarove Food, James Food Mart, Jamies Food Store, Jess Orr's Store, J-N-B Quinn Shop, Joe's Finamart, Johnny Quick, JP's Qwik Stop, JP's Super Stop, Junior's #4, K&S Drive Inn #103928, KC Oil #7, Kens Food Mart, King's, Kings Liquor, KK's, Kmart, Korner Grocery, Kountry Food #4, Kroger, Kroger #604, Kroger 109, Kroger 214, Kroger 337, Kroger 344, Kroger 996, KW Shell, Kwik Pantry, Kwik Stop, Kwik Stop #5, Kwik Way #1, La Familia Mkt, Laikes Big Store, Lake Hills Ice House, Landing Liq., Last Drop Liquids, Libby's Market, Liquor Max, Lucky Food, Lucky Liquor, Lucky Mart, M & M, M & R Liquors VII, M&G, Mae's, Magic Mart, Market Plan 134, Marshall Grocery Store, Mc Carl Texaco, Memorial City Shell, Merlin Mart, Metro Mart, Miller Hardware, Mini Mart, Mini Mart #12, Mini Mart #5, Mini Mart 10, Mini Mart 102, Mini Mart 103, Minyard, Mobil, Mr. A. Beer, Mr. G. Foodstore, Mr. J's, Mr. Joe Food Store, Mr. Mercury, MS, Ms Express, MS Express #1013, Navigation Exxon, Neals, New Angels, New Lawrence, Nick's #2, Nick's Grocery, Nicks, NuWay #245, One Stop, One Stop #57, Outback, P & P, Pak A Sack #3, Pak A Sak, Palmer Chev., Parkway, Pasadena Liquor, Payless, Payless Food Market, Payless Liquor, Payless Supermarket, Pearl's, Petro Pantry #11, Petro Pantry #9, Phillips 66, Pic N Pak, Pic Stop #5, Pico #10, Pico #11, Pic-Up Mail #1158819, Pik Nik #22, Piknik #26, Pine Sap Shell, Pit Stop, Pleak Korner, Pruitts Texaco, Quality Liquor, Quick Grocery, Quick Pick, Quick Sak, Quick Way #30, Quick Way Food Store 102152, Race Trac, Race Trak #476, Ralph's, Ram Store #14, Randall's #66, Randall's 36, Randall's 39 421604, Razorback, RB Liquor, Red Coleman's #17, Refuge General, Ries Drive Inn, Right Time, Rindler Groc., Rio Grande Grum Co-op, Rios #2, Rite Price Liquor, Riverwalk Mrt, Robert Cut Rate, RPM #1, RPS Discount Tabacco, Sac N Pac #504, Sack N Save, SageBrush, Sak N Sav, Salems Mart, Sam's Grocery, Sam's Quick Way, Samco, Santa Fe Junction #444601, Save N Go, Save Way, Savey, Scott's One Stop, Shamrock, Shell, Shelly's Liquor, Shew, Shop go, Shop N Go, Shop N Go #2, Shop N Save #10, Shop N. Drive, Shopper #14, Shoppers Mart, Short Stop, Shp N. Go, Shyam's Exxon, Sieglers, Skinny's, Skinny's #38, Skinny's #42, Skinny's #76, Skiny's, Smiley's Food Store, Smokey, Sommers Texaco, South Island, Speedy Stop #1, Speedy Stop #2, Speedy Stop #40, Spinn Mkt, Sprint 24 #301, Star Stop #7, Stephanie Liquor, Stoneham Grocery, Stop & Go, Stop and Save, Stop Go 2150, Stop Grocery, Stop N Buy, Stop N Go, Stop N go #02605, Stop N Go #2125, Stop N Go 2584, Stop No, Stop One, Stop-N-Go, Studen Korner, Sun Down, Sundown, Sundown Market, Sundown Mkt, Sunglo Inc. #38, Sunmart, Sunny Chevron, Sunny's Food Store, Sunrise Superstop, Super Food, Super Kwik, Super S 309, Super Sak #3, Super Serve Food and Ice Store, Super Shop, Taylor Petro, Terry Texaco, Terry's Food, TETCO, Tetco #215, TETCO #33, Tetco 221, TETCO 260, Tetco 46, Tetco 636, Texaco, Texaco 3030, Texaco on Valen Rd, Texaco Sealy, Texas Cooler #2, Texas Food, Texas Tobacco, Tex-Mart 4, THA Food Store, Thalji Ent, The Back Box, The Chuckwagon, The Filling Station, The Ice Box Store, The Little Store, The Store I, The Trading Post, Thrift Stop Liquors, Thrifti Korner, Tiger, Tiger Tote #21, Tiki Food, Time Out, Time Out Grocery, Timewise, Timewise 3201, Timewise 4501, TJ's Package Store, TMA, TNT 78, Today's News, Toms EZN, Tony's F.M., Total, Town & Country Chevron, TR's Quick Stop, Troy's, Tx Slam, UDS #2029, Uvalde Suprette, Valley Ck, Valley Liquor, Valley Mart, Villager, Vista Del Sol 66, Vivraux, VM #8, Wag-A-Bag #3, Walnut Bear, War Lee Food, Weatherford KOA, West Prah Food Store, Westbrooks Food & Fuel, Western Bev, Western Beverages #95, Winn Dixie, Witte Food Mart 106824, Zoom IN #11.

Groups or associations that are for the adoption of the amendments are: Robinson Public Warehouse Co., Jasper Oil Co., Joe's Grocery & Ice, C Store, Zip in 107, Easy Shop#3, Jecks Macgregor Fastime, Triangle Drive In, Quix 460, Tetco #208, Town & Country, Lakeshore Store, Payless 62, Big TX, Inc., The Toddy House, Get N Go, Austin, DS 1308, Korner Food Store, Melvin's Drive In, Diamond Shamrock #1381, Gen Dandy #9, Jiffy Mart, Georgetown, Sam's Groceries, Smith Brothers Food Stores, TMCS, Texas Food Industry Association, Texas Association of Lottery Retailers, Ultramar Diamond Shamrock, Shop & Go Grocery, Vice Stop, Melek Corporation, Fiesta Mart, Inc., Country Center, TMT, Inc. dba Whip In, Rudy's Stop & Shop, Hughs Auto Parts, Jackies Exxon, Tetco Stores, Tool n Totum Food Stores, Adrian's Drive In Gro., Fast Food Holding, Dave's Ski & Tackle, Country Side Grocery, Melvin's 19th Street Drive In, West T Go Conv. Stores, Lucky's Food Mart #1 Express Food, #10 Good Times, #2 Kidd Jones, #4 Petro Pantry, #43 Uncle Sams, #5128, #809 7-11, #91 Akeya, #91 Quick, (5) Times Market, 007 Grocery, 1 Stop, 106-214, 14 Texaco, 1631 Texas Star, 1st Choice Food, 1st Stop Beverage Barn, 1st Stop Neighbor, 1st Stop of Texas, 1st Stop Store, 2 N 2 Drive Inn, 2000 Food Store, 21 Food Mart, 21`, 22 Enter., 2305 Stop N Go, 2375 V.C.C., 24 Market, 26235 7-11, 268 EZ Mart, 2-Fast, 2Y, 300 Short Stop, 304 DMM, 3079-Maverick, 310 Coastal Mart, 3790 C-Mav, 3793 Maverick, 4 Corners, 4 Less, 40 Foods, 401 Friend, 4084 Albertson's, 440 Diamond Shamrock, 452 Diamond Shamrock, 4th St Fina, 5 Points Quick Stop, 5 Star Food Mart, 5 Star Texaco, 5 Wints, 5083 Pump N. Shop, 577 EZ Mart, 608 #717, 6-11 Fuel Store, 6-12 Food Store, 7 Days, 7 Eleven, 7 Star Enter, 7-11 #116, 7-11 #124, 7-11 #1662, 7-11 #16802, 7-11 #27441, 7-11 #57620, 7-11 #601, 7-11 #613, 7-11 #621, 7-11 #624, 7-11 #629, 7-11 #631, 7-11 #635, 7-11 #641, 7-11 #642, 7-11 #648, 7-11 #804, 7-11 105, 786 Truck Stop, 7-Eleven, 7-Eleven #603, 7-Eleven #606, 7-eleven #607, 7-Eleven #614, 7-Eleven #615, 7-Eleven #617, 7-Eleven #618, 7-Eleven #627, 7-Eleven #628, 7-Eleven #630, 7-Eleven #633, 7-Eleven #634, 7-Eleven #636, 7-Eleven #638, 7-Eleven #640, 7-Eleven #644, 7-Eleven #645, 7-Eleven #646, 7-Eleven #649, 813 Seven Eleven, 86 Diamond Shamrock, 865 Diamond Shamrock, 8th Ave Texaco, 9325 Kmart, 957 Kroger, 9642 Circle K, 9th Avenue Food Store, 9th St. Groc., A & A, A & B Food, A & B Food Mart, A & B Food Store, A & E Liquor, A & K Food Store, A & M Liquor, A & T G. Mart, A & V Lopez, A Plus Beer, A&A food Mart McGrgor, A&R Town & Cit, A&W, A. Garza Exxon Store, A. Z. Mart, A.J. Liq, A+Grocery, A-1, A-1 Check, A-1 Grocery Store, A-1 Liquors, A-1 Mity Mart, AA Food Mart, AB Petroleum Co, Ace #102, Ace #514, Ace #526, Ace 1320, Ace 316, Ace 512, Ace Ash 267, Ace Cash, Ace Cash #5175, Ace Cash #703, Ace Cash Express, Ace Cash Express #1418, Ace Express, Ace Mart 2, Ace Store, ACS of Rogers, ADH Food Mart, Airport Liquor, AJ's Place, Al's Food, Al's Gro #2, Al's Kash N. Karry, Alamo Food, Alba Food Mart, Albertson, Albertson #2758, Albertson 2702, Albertson 4054, Albertson 933, Albertson Fuel, Albertson Store 4209, Albertson's, Albertson's #2721, Albertson's #4025, Albertson's #932, Albertson's #934, Albertson's 401, Albertson's 4073, Albertsons 4064, Albertsons 4082, Albertsons 4287, Ali Texaco, Allsup #58, Allsup #65, Allsup's, Allsup's #127, Allsup's #156, Allsup's 289, Allsups #14, Allsups #17, Allsups #19, Allsups #231, Allsups #26, Allsups #27, Allsups #283, Allsups #43, Allsups #72, Allsups #78, Allsups #82, Allsups #85, Allsups 163, Allsups 166, Allsups 244, Allsups 3, Allsups 332, Allsups #7, Allsups 92, Als #2, Als Gro #1, Alvarado's Food Mart, AM PM Mkt, AM Twin Stop, A-Mart #3, Amato Food Mkt, Amburn Food, American & Or., Americas Cash Plus, Amigo Food Mart, Amigo Food Way, Amigo Texaco, Amigos, Amigos #1, Amigro #1, Amistad Drive Inn, Amy's, Ana Shell, Anderson Food, Andy's, Andy's Groc., Andy's Quick Stop, Andys Texaco, Angel Gas, Angel's #4, Angels, Angels #1, ANV Quick Stop, AOK Camper Park, AP's Drive Thru, Appletree, Aptus Drive, AR's Food Store, Arcadia Liquor, Arlans, Arlington Mart, Armadillo, Armadillo #14, Armadillo Food Mart, Arp Food Store, Arp SS #3, Arthur City, Arts Mobil, Arturo's Cash Gro, AS Grocery, Asaraf Enterprises, Ashford Texaco, Athens Shell, Autry's, Ayers City Stop, AZ Food Store, Aziz, Azle Diamond Food Inc., B & B Conv, B & B Grocery, B & B Shell, B & C Quik, B & L Grocery, B & L Liquor, B & M Stamps, B Diamond, B J Mini Mart, B&B Food Store, B&G's Grocery Supply, B&H Quik Stop, B&R Bait & Tackle, Bacliff Gro, Balcones Height Chevron, Ballard Exxon, Bandera Exxon, Bar B Travel, Bardwell Food Mart, Bargain Groc, Barrel House Conv, Barretts Gro, Bartlett Food, Basse, Bates, Bay Area Exxon, Bay Side Express, Bay Texaco, Bay View, Bayou Good, BDJ's, Beasley Foods, Bee Caves Car Wash, Beer Mart, Bel Hi, Bell Mart, Bellalt's One Stop, Belly Food, Belt Line Mobil, Belton Fast Stop, Beltway Food, Ben, Ben Short Stop #11, Ben's Grocery, Ben's Mobil, Bennetts, Berkman Food, Berry Creek Food Mart, Bert Wheeler, Best Check Cashing, Best Food #2, Best Stop, Betty Liquor, Betty's Quik Stop, Beverage Express, Big 8 Foods, Big Apple Comics, Big D Inc #979, Big Daddy's, Big Diamond, Big Diamond #1351, Big Diamond 1270, Big Diamond 1369, Big Diamond Inc, Big Mikes, Big Tex #4, Big Texas #3, Big Z, Bill's Drive Inn, BJ's Food & Fuel, BJ's Food Store, BJ's Quick Food, BJ's Quik Stop, Blanco Jr., Blessing County Store, Blessing Drive In, Blue Bonnett Store, Blvd Spirits, Bobby McGee Grocery, Bomadt, Inc., Bomort, Bonaire Food Mart, Boots Liquor, Boyd IGA, Brander 76, Brannan's, Brazos Bend Home & Ranch, Bread & Butter Stop, Break IGA #2, Breckenridge IGA, Briar Hall Groc, Bright Star Oil, Brinkman Food, Broadway, Broadway Fast Stop, Bromer Counts, Bromers, Brook/Conarroe Apple Springs, Brook /Conarroe Jacksonville, Brooks & Conacoe, Brown Trail Groc, Brownies, Brownsville Beauty Supply, Bryan Drive-In, Bryan's #3, Bryon's Conv., BTCS, Bubba's #316, Bubba's 304, Bubba's Fuel Stop, Bubbas, Bubbas #3, Bubbas 360, Buccaneer Food Stores, Buckets, Buddies Grocery, Buddy's, Buddy's Pkg Store, Budget Mart, Buena Vista, Buma Jiffy Mart, Busy Mart, BZ Mart, C & B One Stop, C & J Grocery, C & L Market, C & R #6, C & S Food, C & W, C & W #11, C & W #3, C & W #9, C & W One Stop, C & W. Mini Mart, C & Y Food, C Star, C&L Food, C&P #1, C&P Grocery, C&R #3, C&R #8, C. C. Store, C. Mart 322, C. Store, C.C.'s, C.S. food, Cada Dia, Cady Cove, Calmont Quick Stop, Camco Mart, Camino Super Mkt, Campsey Food & Fuel, Candy Barrel, Canton Travel Plaza, Cap Quick Stop, Carden Chevron, Cardenas Produce, Carl Rd. Shell, Carl's Liquor, Carlo Diamond, Shamrock, Carlo's Store, Carmona's, Carnieceria la Modena, Carnival, Carol's, Carousel Conv. Store, Carr's Gro, Carrera's Gro., Carter Gro, Carter's Country Store, Carver E Mart, Cash Food Mart, Cash It Here, Cash It Here #12, Cash It Here #2, Cash It Here #6, Cash N Cash, Cash N Dash, Cash N Dash #17, Cash N Dash #2, Castro Texaco, Cata's, Cateway Store, Cavazos Grocery, Caveness Groc., CC Food Mart, CC Shamrock, CC's Food Mart, Cedar Valley Gro, Central Texaco, Centre Convenience, Cesar's Airport, CFC Store, Chacha's Grocery, Chalos, Chamm Corp, Champ's #4, Champion Liq, Chavor 2 Food, Che's Texaco, Checkers, Checkers #2, Checks Cashed, Cheers, Chevron, Chevron #122, Chevron 1242, Chevron 446301, Chevron Convenience, Chevron Food Mart, Chevron Inc, Chevron Mart, Chevron One Stop, Chichuahu, Chick's, Chico Mart, Chiefs Food Mart, Chihuahua Pump N. Shop, China Mkt, Chris's Park #1, Chuck, Chuck Wagon #2, Chuck's, Churchills IGA Food Store, Chuy Mart, Cielo Vista Chevron, Cigarette & More, Ciigo Mart, Circle 7, Circle 7 #2, Circle 786, Circle 9629, Circle 9636, Circle A, Circle J, Circle K, Circle K 2151, Circle K #9677, Circle K #9679, Circle K #9857, Circle K #0006, Circle K #1257, Circle K #1482, Circle K #1624, Circle K #1641, Circle K #20, Circle K #2124, Circle K #2146, Circle K #43, Circle K #481, Circle K #5306, Circle K #5312, Circle K #5313, Circle K #8515, Circle K #8516, Circle K #8775, Circle K #890, Circle K #9553, Circle K #9628, Circle K #9675, Circle K #9692, Circle K #9847, Circle K #9870, Circle K 1508, Circle K 153, Circle K 2127, Circle K 2128, Circle K 2144, Circle K 2149, Circle K 2158, Circle K 26, Circle K 9203, Circle K 9393, Circle K 9394, Circle K 9432, Circle K 96?1, Circle K 9646, Circle K 9648, Circle K 9656, Circle K 9662, Circle K 9762, Circle K 9773, Circle K 9793, Circle K 9831, Circle N. Store, Circle S Food, Circle S Food Mart, Circleville Store, Citgo, Citgo Mart, City Market #4, City Star Texaco, CJ's Convenience Store, Cjrooms, CJS Mini Mart, Classic Laundry, Clayton's, Clayton's Mini North, Clear L Shell, Cleo's Convenience, Cleo's Texaco, Click Food Store, Cline's Corner, Clint Exxon, Clints, Clute Fuel Stop, Cmart, C-Mart, C-Mart #234, C-Mart #3795, C-Mart 306, CMMS #75, Coastal, Coastal #3, Coastal #3055, Coastal #3127, Coastal #3347, Coastal #3455, Coastal #3456, Coastal #3459, Coastal #3754, Coastal 3055, Coastal 3082, Coastal 312, Coastal 3128, Coastal 3342, Coastal 3804, Coastal 387, Coastal Mart, Coastal Mart 302, Coastal Mart 314, Coastal Marverick 3134, Coastal Maverick, Coastal Maverick #3039, Coastal Mkt #2753, Coastal Mkt #3463, Coastal Mkt 3342, Cofford at Graery, Cogblan Grocery, Cohn Wash 14, Coley's Corner, Collins Food, Colony Express, Colony Lakes Wine & Spirits, Columbus Chevron, Come N Buy, Come N Go, Comet Liquor, Commercial, Compodres Perez, Conoco, Conoco #5, Conoco 4300, Conoco Food, Conoco Food Mart, Convenient Food Mart, Cooks Pt., Coons, Cooper Food Mart, Coppell Mobil Mart, Corner Express, Corner Food Mart, Corner Market, Corner Mini Mart, Corner Stop Food Mart, Costal #3450, Costal Mar #3460, Coulder Key, Coulter's Video, Counerys, Country Side Groc., Country Bags, Country Boy Store, Country Center, Inc., Country Corner, Country Crossroads, Country Food Store, Country Junction, Country Kwik Stop, Country Liq., Country Peddler, Country Store, Countryside, County Seal Gro, County Side, County Store, Cowboy's, Cowboys, Cowboys #2, Cozby's Conv., Cracker Barrel, Cracker Barrel #5, Crawford's #4, Crawfords #2, Crestwood Chevron, Crones, Crosby Texaco, Cross Roads Truck, Crossroads Express, Crossroads Shamrock, Crystal, CSI, CSI #654, CSI #664, CSI 1290, CSI 648, CSI 650, C-Store, C-Store #110, C-Store Texaco, Culebra, Cullen Stop N Go, Culleyvile Mobil, Curtis, Cuseway Marina, Cushing Grocery, Cypress Point Inc., D & D One Stop, D J Liq, D J One Stop, D Shamrock, D&N, D. J. Chevron, D.C. Garza Ent., D.S. #45, D.S. 1328, Da & Ben's, Dairy Mart, Dairy Mart #5, Dalin, Dalton's Conv., Dan B Jiffy Mkt, Dan's Texaco, Daniel Food, Danny's Citgo, Dannys #3, Dans & Bens, Darby, Daves Conoco, Dawson Super, Day-Night #3, Day & Night #24, DC, Deacory, Debb's Liquor, Decent Food Stop, Delta Food Store, Den Mart #3, Den's #5, Denton F/M, Depot Liquor, Detroit Superette, Diamond, Diamond #1032, Diamond #2137, Diamond Mart, Diamond Mini Mart #303, Diamond Mini Mart #312, Diamond Mini Mart 307, Diamond Shamrock, Diamond Shamrock #1015, Diamond Shamrock #100, Diamond Shamrock #1003, Diamond Shamrock #104, Diamond Shamrock #1043, Diamond Shamrock #117, Diamond Shamrock #1255, Diamond Shamrock #1262, Diamond Shamrock #1264, Diamond Shamrock #1273, Diamond Shamrock #1350, Diamond Shamrock #1354, Diamond Shamrock #1355, Diamond Shamrock #1356, Diamond Shamrock #1359, Diamond Shamrock #1360, Diamond Shamrock #1362, Diamond Shamrock #1371, Diamond Shamrock #1375, Diamond Shamrock #2129, Diamond Shamrock #225123, Diamond Shamrock #2295, Diamond Shamrock #27, Diamond Shamrock #36, Diamond Shamrock #425, Diamond Shamrock #459, Diamond Shamrock #510, Diamond Shamrock #514, Diamond Shamrock #943, Diamond Shamrock 1036, Diamond Shamrock 177, Diamond Shamrock 43, Diamond Shamrock Master Oil, Diamond Shrock 2079, Diamond Store #184, Diane JR's, Dickenson Food, Diers Drive In, Dillard's, Dimple Quick Stop, Discount Mini, D-K Food Store, DK's Quick Stop, DMM #106, DMM #404, DMM 311, Dokes #35, Dollar Bills, Dominy's, Don #3, Don's, Don's & Ben's, Don's & Ben's #34, Don's & Ben's Liquor, Donna's Place, Donny's, Donny's Citgo, Doomis Citgo, Double T, Dow #5, Downtown DKC 124819, Dram 401, DRG Pantry Food, Drigges Gas, Dripping Springs Grocery, Drivers, Druggen, DS #1372, DS #19, Duke's, Dukes #2, DW Shell, E & R Convenience, E 2 Shop, E Mart 443, E Z Mart, E.D., E.M.S. Supply, Eagle C Store, Eagle Pass Exxon, East Mart, East Tex Exxon, Eastside Check Cashers, Eastside Gro, Eastwood Chevron, Easy Shop, Easy Spring, Echo Ent. Inc, Econ Liquor, Econo Mart, Econo Mkt, Economy #294, Economy #635, Economy #637, Economy #719, Economy 284, Economy 607, Economy Drive In, Economy Oil, Ed's Country Store, Ed's Drive In, Eddie's Grocery 436903, Ehamrok Liquor, EL Chaparrel, El Paso Truck Term, El Rendio Gro, El Roncherit, El Slabo Brownsville, El Tigre Exxon #3, El Tigre I, Elkins Cut Rate, Ellis Super Mkt, Elmer's, Elmers #1, Elmers #7, Empire Central Beverage, Erasmo's Liquor Store, Esparza Grocery, Esquina Mart, ETM, Eve's Exxon, Evergreen, Every Day Store, Every Thing 1 Plus, Everyday, Everyday #5220, Everyday 5253, Everything 99¢, EX Mart, Exit 8, Express Business, Express Food, Express Lane, Express Lane #300, Express Mart, Express Mart #10, Express Mart #2, Express Mart #5, Express Mart #6, Express Truck Stop, Express Way, Express Way Food, Exxon, Exxon-Martinez, Exxon #2009, Exxon #60031, Exxon 61417, Exxon-67938, Exxon Comaland, Exxon Express Mkt, Exxon Food Store, Exxon Post Vak, Exxon Tiger Market, Exxon Tiger Mart, Exxon Tigermarket, Exxon Tigermart, Exxon/BK, EZ, EZ Mart, E-Z Mart, E-Z Mart #1, EZ Mart #239, E-Z Mart #275, E-Z Mart #297, E-Z Mart #300, EZ Mart #318, E-Z Mart #325, E-Z Mart #326, E-Z Mart #327, EZ Mart #328, E-Z Mart #458, E-Z Mart #459, EZ Mart #463, EZ Mart #5, EZ Mart #559, EZ Mart #594, EZ Mart #68, E-Z Mart 127, E-Z Mart 159, EZ Mart 162, EZ Mart 29, EZ Mart 310, E-Z Mart 352, E-Z Mart 464, EZ Mart 570, EZ Mart 589, E-Z Shop, EZ Stop, E-Z Store #6, EZ Way, F. O. C. #1, Fairview Farms General Store, Falcon Farm, Family Corner, Family Food, Family Food Mart, Family Mart, Family Mart #1, Family Mini Mart, Far-Pac, Fast Break, Fast Cash, Fast Con, Fast Lane, Fast Lane #5, Fast Mart, Fast Mart, Inc., Fast Stop, Fast Stop #1, Fast Stop Mart, Fast Way food Store, Fastex Food Mart, Fastlane #7, Fastlane #9, Fastop #3, Fastop #4, Fastop Foosd #3, Fast-Stop, Fastway Food Mart, Feldman's #2, FFP #228, FFP Marketing, Fidel's Grocery, Fiesta #29, Fiesta #46, Fiesta Food Mart, Fiesta Groc, Fiesta Mart, Fiesta Mart #7, Fina, Fina Food Mart, Fina Mart, Fina Vista 4014, First & Last Stop Liquor, First Convenience, First Stop, First Stop Food Store, Five Star Foods, FL Shop, FM 1764 Shell, FMF Mart, FOC, FOC #10, FOC #11, FOC #2, Follet Oil, Food & Gro, Food Bag, Food Basket, Food Basket #8, Food City #1, Food City #5, Food Fast, Food Fast #100, Food Fast #101, Food Fast #102, Food Fast #103, Food Fast #50, Food Fast #51, Food Fast #52, Food Fast #53, Food Fast #54, Food Fast #55, Food Fast #56, Food Fast #57, Food Fast #58, Food Fast #59, Food Fast #60, Food Fast #61, Food Fast #62, Food Fast #63, Food Fast #64, Food Fast #65, Food Fast #67, Food Fast #68, Food Fast #69, Food Fast #70, Food Fast #71, Food Fast #72, Food Fast #73, Food Fast #74, Food Fast #75, Food Fast #76, Food Fast #77, Food Fast #79, Food Fast #80, Food Fast #81, Food Fast #82, Food Fast #85, Food Fast #86, Food Fast #89, Food Fast #95, Food Fast #96, Food Fast #97, Food Fast #98, Food Fast #99, Food Fast 100, Food Fast 103, Food Fast 62, Food King, Food Mart, Food Rite, Food Spot, Food Store, Food Town, Food Valley, Foots Liquor, Fort Stockton B45 Terminal, Four Corners Exxon, Four Points Stop, Four Way Stop, Frenchy's Beverage Barn, Friend's #322, Friendly Gro, Friendly Shell, Friendly's, Friends, Friends #404, Friends 410, Frio Canyon Gro, Frio Self Serv, Frontier Country Store, Frost Store, Fuel City, Fuel Mart, Full Service Inc., Furr's #946, Furr's 945, Furrs, Furrs 933, Furrs 967, Furrs 993, Furs #937, Fuzzy's, Fuzzy's 1 Stop, G & G Gro, G & H Texaco, G.H. Texaco, Gabriels, Galene Store, Garza's Quick Stop, Garza's Ser Sta, Gas & Go #2, Gas Go, Gas Go 11, Gas Go Mkt, Gas Gro kt, Gas Stop, Gem Dandy's #102, Gen Dandy #14, Gene's HQ, George West Truck Stop, GeorgeDeter Big-8, Gerlunds #70, Get N Go, Gifts from the Sea, G-Market, Go Check Cashing, God Dan Many Mart, Gold Fashions, Gonzales Grocery, Good City #2, Good Neighbor Store, Good tiem Store #41, Good Time, Good Time #11, Good Time #117, Good Time #24, Good Time #26, Good Time Store, Good Time Store #1, Good Time Store #14, Good Time Store #22, Good Time Store #25, Good Time Store #27, Good Time Store #29, Good Time Store #34, Good Time Store #35, Good Time Store #37, Good Time Store #39, Good Time Store #40, Good Time Store #43, Good Time Store #44, Good Time Store #45, Good Time Store #6, Good Time Store #62, Good Times, Good Times #2, Good Times #30, Good Times #65, Goodtime Store #38, Goodtime Store #49, Gordon's Bait Tackle, Grand Discount, Grandad's Junction, Green Top Fina, Greenbriar, Greta's Shell Cashing, Griffin Groc, Gromger Food Mart, Groveton One Stop, Grub Sack, GTS #15, GTS #20, GTS #21, GTS #31, Guerra's International, Guffey's Grocery, Gulf Bank Grocery, H Mall, Hah Gas, Haley's One Stop, Halfmann's General Store, Hamiton Chevron, Han D Pak, Handi Plus, Handi Plus #35, Handi Plush #61, Handi Stop, Handi Stop #5, Han-D-Shop, Handy Andy, Handy Andy #726, Handy Andy #750, Handy Andy 745, Handy Foods, Handy Mart, Handy Mart #1, Handy Pantry, Handy Stop, Haney Food, Hanson Hanks, Hap's, Happy, Happy Hill, Harmon & Creed, Harp City Store, Harris Food Store, Harrisburg Food, Haskell Foods, Hasty, Hasty #37, Hasty Liquor, Hatahoe, Hatton RR Cut-Rate, Hawell Exxon, Heartigs, HEB, HEB #292, HEB #84 CC #5, HEB 403, HEB G Town, Heights Meats, Helmer Food Store, Hendricks Texaco, Henry's Pack, Henry's Quikstop, Hernandez Drive Inn Gro, HI Class, Hi-C Food Store, Highland Food, Hill Cost Drive Inn, Hill's #4, Hillcrest Grocery, Hills #2, Hills #4, Hilltop, Hinby E Foods, Hitchin Post, Hitching Post, Hiway One Stop, HLD Food, Hoath Market, Holiday Liquor, Home Town, Homeboys Mobil, Hondo Texaco, Honey Dew, Honey Stop, Honey Stop #1, Honey Stop #10, Honey Stop #29, Honey Stop #3, Honey Stop #5, Honey Stop 22, Honey Stop 4, Hop N Shop #6, Hop N Shop 1, Hop N. Shop #17, Hopias Mini Mart, Hop-n-Shop #14, Horizon, Horizon #4, Horizon #5 Tiny Thom, Horizon Big 8, Horizon Store, Horizon Vista, Houdy #8, Housco Tech, Housham Mart, Howdy Citgo, Howdy's, Howdy's #1, Howdy's #2, Howdy's #3, Howdy's #9, Howdy's Joe Battle, Hughson's Texaco Mart, Hurel's Gro, Hussaim, Hwy 19 Chevron, Hwy 271 Chevron, Hwy 271 Texaco, HWY 51, Hycock, I 35 Pump N Shop, I30 Chevron, I-30 Fast Mart, Inc., Icon Drive In #2, Ideal Food Store, IGA #400, IGA Family Food, Igloo, In & Out, Inderjit, Industrial Shell, In-N-Out, In-N-Out Food Mart, Interstate Fast Snack, Interstate Stop Mart, Inwood 66 Phillips 66, Irnvington Conoco, Island Mkt., J & C Mobil, J & J, J & J Food Mart, J & J Food Mt, J & J Grocery, J & L Liquor, J & R #2, J A M, J P, J&B, J&M, J. Cowboy Super Express, J. Food Mart, J's Food, Jack's Grocery, Jack's Midway Stop, Jacks, Jacks #102, Jacquez Grocery, Jake Salim Pkg, Jake's, Jalomo's Gro., Janies Country Store, Jansen Super Mkt, Jarrell Liquor Store, Jasper Jiffy, JC, JD's 282 Texaco, Jeanies Corner, Jeff Co, Jeff Stop, Jenie's, Jensen Coastal, Jerry Drive Inn, Jerry's, Jesse's Liquor, Jessie's Food Store, Jessie's Liquor, Jetters, JG's #228, Jif E Mart, Jife Mart #3, Jiffy Mart #6, Jiffy Mart #9, Jim B. Lee, Jim's Foodmart, Jim's Quick Stop, Jimmy's Corner Store, JJ #271, JJ 105, JJ 107, JJ 211, JJ Fastop, JJ's, JJ's #210, JJ's #212, JJ's #217, JJ's #260, JJ's Video, JJ's Fastrac, JJ's Fastrac 110, JOC #5, JOC #9, JOC 6, Joc Bob's, Joe Country Store, Joe King Disct Mkt, Joes Grocery, John's Handi Plus, Jonahtan's #3, Jonathan's Shop, Jones, Jones Cowboys, Jones Food Mart, Jones Mini Mart, Jordan's Cigarette Store, Joshua Fina, Jr Food Mart, JR Quickee, Jr. Food Mart, JR's, JR's Gro., Jr's Grocery, Jr's Supermarket, Jromers, JS Food Mart, Juanito's Liquor Store, Jud's #1, Juds Food Store #5, Jumpin Jaus Inc., Junction Express, Juniors Drive Inn & Meat Market, Just A $1.00, K & B Liquor, K & M Grocery, K & S Jiffey Mart #1, K-Jims, K Mart, K Mart 3835, K. J #15, K. W. Express, K.J. Liquor, K.K. Food Marts, Kastis, Kate's Fina Mart, Kates Fina, Katies, Katies Pantry #907, Kay's Convenience, KC Oil #12, Ken #11, Kent, Kent #206, Kent 203, Kent 312, Kent Kwik, Kent Kwik #312, Kent Kwik 3096, Key Food Express, KeyFood, Khan Shell, Kiby Valle Gro, Kicks 66, Kid Jones, Kidd Jones, Kidd Jones #1, Kidd Jones #11, Kidd Jones #12, Kidd Jones #2, Kidd Jones #3, Kidd Jones #4, Kidd Jones #5, Kidd Jones #6, Kidd Jones #6 Whitehouse, Kidd Jones #9, Kidd Jones Brownsboro, Kidd Jones Chandler, Kidd Jones Chevron, Kidd Jones ESE Loop 323 Tyler, Kidd Jones Murchison, Kidd Jones WSW Loop Tyler, Kiko's Meat Mkt., Kim's #1, Kim's #24, Kim's #3, Kim's 4, Kimbols, Kims, King Bros., King Food Mart, King Mini, King Mini Market #2, Kings Court #3, Kings Food & Gas, Kings Liquor, Kirby Bullard Shamrock Bullard, Kirby Food Mart, Kirby Front St. Tyler, Kirby Gresham Shamrock Tyler, Kirby Henderson Shamrock Henderson, Kirby Hwy. 64 Tyler, Kirby Kilgore Shamrock Kilgore, Kirby North Dixie Tyler, Kirby Oil, Kirby Oil Co., Kirby Oil Overton, Kirby Overton Shamrock Overton, Kirby S Broadway Tyler, Kirby South Jackson Jacksonville, Kirby South Loop Tyler, Kirby Troup Hwy. Tyler, Kirby Troup Shamrock Troup, Kirby West Loop, Kirby Westloop Tyler, Kirk's Handy Way, Kirkwood Mart, KJ, Kmac's #1, Kmac's #3, Kmac's #4, Kmac's #7, Kmac's 5, Kmart, K-Mart, Kmart 3919, KMK, Knox Fuel #, Knox Palmer, Kold Spot, Korner F. Store, Korner Food Mart, Korner Market, Korner Market #2, Korner Stop, Korner Store, Kountry Food, Kountry Food #3, Kountry Konvenience Center, KP 907, KP Store, Kraft's, Kramers, Kroger, Kroger #108, Kroger #201, Kroger #250, Kroger 197, Kroger 526, Kroger Store, Kureshee's, KV Country Store, Kwik Chek, Kwik Discount, Kwik Korner, Kwik Mart, Kwik Pantlher, Kwik Pantry, Kwik Pantry #5101, Kwik Pantry #5157, Kwik Pantry #5165, Kwik Pantry #5173, Kwik Pantry #663, Kwik Pantry 5130, Kwik Pic, Kwik Shop, Kwik Stop, Kwik Stop Discount Gas, Kwik Trip Food, Kwik Way II, Kwik-Stop, Kyle's Kwik Stop, K-Z Mart #393, L & M, L & P Market, L Loupes, L&E Grocery, La Aztecca, La Esquinta, La Feria, La Feria #936, La Fiesta #14, La Hacienda, La Pasada Exxon, La Tejana Meat Mkt, La Tienda #3, Ladd's Grocery, Lagarto Store, Lake Kiowa Trading Post, Lake Side, Lakeport Grocery, Lakeshore, Lakeside Big-8, Lakeside Foodmart, LakesideGrocery, Lakeview, Lakeway Groc, Lakeway Mini Mart, Lane S. #80, Lanes, Laredo Mini Mart, Larry's Liquor, Las Vegas Groc, Lasses Food, LaVernia One Stop, Lawn Dale, Lawrence IGA, League City, Lee's Drive In, Lee's Grocery, Lee's Mobil Mart, Lemarket, Len's Texaco, Leo's Drive In, Leo's Food Mart, Leo's Self Serv, Leos Food Mart #2, Level's Food Ceneter, Levels Meridian, Lezano's Store, Liberty, Lil General, Lili, Lim's One Stop, Linares Gro., Lindsay Gro, Liq World, Liquid Town, Liquor Barn, Liquor Town, Little Red's, Little World #105530, Live Corner Gro, LJ's Food Store, LM Food Store, LMS Exxon, Logan Sport, Loma Bonita Grocery, Lone Star Market, Lone Star Stop #1, Lone Star Stop #2, Longhorn Liquor, Loop Liquor, Lopez, Lopez Food Store, Lopez Super Mkt #1, Lorena Fastime, Loretta, Loretta's, Lorrie's, Lotte Food Mart, Louis Food Store, Lous Gro, Love Field, Loves 250, Lowe's, LS Express #100, L-Stop, Lucky #23, Lucky 1, Lucky 7, Lucky 7 F-Mart, Lucky Food, Lucky Food Mart, Lucky Grocery, Lucky Lady, Lucky Lady #24, Lucky Mini Market, Lucky One Stop, Lucky Seven, Lucky Star, Lucky Star Food, Lucky Stop, Lucky Store, Lucky's, Lumps 1, Lynn's, Lynn's Check Cashing, Lynzy's Short Stop, Lytle One Stop, M & D Food, M & M, M & M Fast Food, M & M Gro, M & M Lucky Lady, M & M Market, M C Food Mart, M S Express, M&M #1, M&M Food Store, M&M Liquor, M&M One Stop, M.C. Corner, M.P. Travel #2, M.P. Travel 1, M.S. Express, Mac's Drive by, Macarana, Macs Mini Mkt, MaGee's, Magic Food Mart, Magic Mikes, Magon Store #2, Mai Chi Market, Majestic, Majestic 16, Major Gas, Malik Food, Malik Fuel, Mama Mkt, Mandy's, Mann #2, Manning's, Mansell Gro, Marcarture Texaco, Mario's Mkt, Marios, Market, Market Citgo, Market Place, Market Place #22, Market Place #7, Marshall's Grocery, Martae's, Martals Pump N Shop, Marter Food Mart, Massey's, Mat #4, Mata Gro, Mathis Country, Matus Supermarket, Max, Max #5, Max E Mart, Max E Mart #2, Max E Mart #4, Max Food Mart, Max Texaco, Max-E-Mart #3, Max-E-Mart #6, Maxi Mart, MB Joe Food, McArthur's, McCombs Corner Store, McCullough Grocery, McKies Food Store, McPherson Produce, McPherson Pump N. Shop, MCW Enterpresor, Meadow Food, Meadowbrook Food Store, Measquet Food Mart, Medical Drive Texaco, Medico #5, Medico #6, Medico #7, Medico Health, Melek 07, Melek Service Center, Meletz, Mellip, Menzie's Inc., Merry Land Food, Metro Mart, Metroplex, Mickey #2, Mickey #5, Mickey's #3, Mickey's 23, Mickeys #16, Mid Valley Express, Middlta, Midpoint Travel, Midtown Exxon, Midway, Midway Gro, Mike Liquor, Mike's Market, Mike's Pit Stop, Milby, Military Mart, Miller Height Mini Mart, Milton Food Mart, Milts Mini Mart, Mimis Country Store, Ming Food, Mini Food Mart, Mini Mart, Mini Mart #1, Mini Mart #16, Mini Mart #2, Mini Mart #6, Mini Mart #66, Mini Mart #7, Mini Mart Texaco, Mini Stop, Minimart, Minimax, Minit Stop, Minyard #60, Minyards, Miracle Mart, Mireles Groc & Veg, Mirror Lake Texaco, Miskay, Mitchell's, Mitchells Thrift Mart, Mizell Superette, MLK 66, MLS #1012, Mobil, Mobil Mart, Mobil Mkt, Mocks Grocery, Model Market, Mohawk Inc, Mont. Oaks, Montana Vista Gro., Montavos Texaco, Monterrey Food, Moon Lite Market, Moon Mart, Moonlight Grocery, Moore's Chevron 102151, Moreno's, Morning News, Movie Palace, Movie Shoppe, Mr Cartender #2, Mr. B, Mr. Cart Citgo, Mr. Cart Mart #3, Mr. Cartender, Mr. Cut Rate, Mr. D's, Mr. Dollar, Mr. Jakes Food Mart, Mr. Jim's, Mr. Kwik, Mr. Kwik #1, MS Express, MS Express 709, MS Xpress, MS Xpress #110, Multi Mart #8, Mundy mart #2, Munoz Seru Sta, Munoz Store, Murphy Food Mart, MVA Entr, My Store food, My T-Quick, N & B Texaco, N. Timberland Lufkin Polk Oil #16, Nasa Texaco, Nassua, National Truck Stop, Navarro Mills Gen.Store, NB Exxon, NC Foodmart, NCH One Stop #32, Neal #1, Neal #18, Neal Fuel, Neal Inc #10, Neal Inc., Neal Inc. #5, Neal One Stop, Neal Tac #50, Ned Q Stop, Neighborhood, Neighborhood Mini Mart, Neon's, Neumann Food Store, Neumart, New Angels, New Avalon Store, New King Food Store, New Quick Stop, New Way, New Wheeling Food Shop, Newark Food Mart, Newark IGA Foodliner, News Plus, Nick's, Nicky's Food, Nina Mart, Niro's, NLR Cut Rate, N-N Out Convenience, Nolanville Grocery, Nolanville Texaco, Noor Pantry, North Corner Store, North Line, North Park Shamrock, Northgate Texaco, Northridge, Northshore Marina, Northside, Northstore, Northwest Food, Norwood Quick Food, Nu King, Nu Way , Nu Way 271, Nu Way 272, Nunar Oil #583, Nuway #226, Nuway #227, Nu-Way #250, Nu-Way #276, NuWay #314, NuWay 300, NuWay 905, N-W Liquor, Oak Hill, Oak Hill Center, Oak Hill Liq, Oak Island, Oak's Food Mart, OATES, Oats Petroleum, Ocean Food Store, Ocean Mini Mart, Ochoa's Groc., OK Supermarket, Okay #27, Okay 2, Okay Food #26, Old Mill, Old Timen, Old Tyme, Olvery Fuel, On Stop, On Video Plus Food Mart, One Rock Stop, One Star, One Stop, One Stop #15, One Stop #2, One Stop #53, One Stop 103, One Stop Food Store, One Stop Foods, Onestop, Onestop #6, Onion Creek Liq, Opra. Rieville Store, Osbunns #11, OU Way #306, Out Past, Outpost, P & L's Superstop, P and N Big 8, P&S, P. J's, P. M. I., P.D.Q. Fast Stop, P/S 2092, Pace Trac #499, Pack Cratenship, Paisano Beverage, Paks, Paks Food Store, Palacios Dr. Inn, Palmer Food, Palmers, Palo Alto Super Market, Pantry, Pantry Place, Papa's Market, Pappy's, Paradise Corner, Pardners Conv Stop, Paris Food, Park Pump N Shop, Park N Buy, Park Place Conv. Store, Park Way Chevron, Parker Food Mart, Parks Conv Ctr, Parkway Gro., Partners, Partners #2, Partners #5, Party Time II, Paso Del Davalos, Pat, Patsys Place, Pay #2, Payan's, Payless, Payless #602, Payless #64, Payless Super, PDQ Drive Inn, Pecan Food Mart, Pecan Grocery, Pecan Grove, Pecan Tree, Pedigos, Pepe Drive Thru, Pepes, Peppers, Peppers 2, Peppers Conv. Store, Per-Mart, Perez Produce, Perez Station, Perrin Pantry, Pete's Ser Ste, Petes Drive In, Petro Express, Petro Express 116, Petro Pantry #12, Petro Pantry #14, PFI #7, Phase Phil's #5, Phillip 66, Phillips 60, Phillips 66, Phillips Express, Pic & Go, Pic & Pac #11, Pic N Go 33, Pic N Go2, Pic N Pac, Pic N Pay, Pic Stop, Pick N Go, Pick-Up, Pic-N-Pac #10, Pic-N-Pac #9, Pico #13, Pico #15, Pico #16, Pico #17, Pico #19, Pico #2, Pico #20, Pico #21, Pico #3, Pico #7, Pico #8, Pico #9, Pic-Pac Food, Pik N Pac, Pik Nic, Pik Nik #29, Pik Nik Food #1, Pik Wik #3, Pik-Nic #7, Pik-Nik, Pik-Nik #28, Pilot, Pilot #273, Pilots, Pinewood Groc, Pineywood, Pinkie's #72, Pinkies, Pinkies #71, Pinky's, Pit Stop, Pit Stop #14, Pit Stop #15, Pit Stop #6, Pit Stop #7, Pit Stop Gro., Pittman's Qwik Mart, PJ Liquor, Plantation Mart, Plantation Net., PMI #9, PNI Star City, POC Shamrock, Pocket Change, Polk Oil #14, Polk Oil #5, Polk Oil Pick It Up #16, Polk Oil Polk Pick It Up #2, Polk Oil Polk Pick It Up #3, Polk Pick It up #3, Polk Pick It Up #6, Polk Pick It Up #7, Polk Pick It Up #8, Poncho's, Poochie #2, Poochies #11, Poochies #14, Poochies #17, Poochies #24, Poochies 23, Pop One Stop, POWA #1, Powell's, Power Mart, PR's Country Store, Prime Outlets, Prime Time Drive Inn, Prime Travel, Primo Food Store, Primo's, Prince, Prince Food Mart, Pronto, Pronto #15, Pronto #4, Pronto #8, Pronto Supermarket, Pronto's #1, Prontos #4, Pump Pantry #5, Pure Country Inn, Q-Express, Q Stop, QFM #3, QM 269, Q-Trip, Quail Valley Shell, Quality #507, Quality Food Mart #3, Quality Liquor #2, Quick 2 Save, Quick Check, Quick Food, Quick Mart, Quick Pantry, Quick Pick, Quick Pick #7, Quick Pickie Oak Hill, Quick Sak #17, Quick Shop, Quick Stop, Quick Stop #2, Quick Stop Food Mart, Quick Store, Quick Way #26, Quick-N-Save, Quickway 2, Quik, Quik 471, Quik 480, Quik Pik, Quik Saver, Quik Way, Quix, Quix #476, Quix 404, Quix 857, Qwik Stop, R & B Liq, R & M Quick Stop, R & S Drive Thru, R&R Mini Mart, R/C 63, Race, Race Trac, Race Trac #15, Race Trac #378, Race Trac 606, Racetrac, RaceTrac #560, Racetrac #626, Racetrac 324, Raceway, Raco Conv. Store, Rahman, Rain or Shine, Rainbow Plalza, Rainbow Plazette, Rally #8, Ralston, Ram #10, Ram #17, Ram #3, Ram #4, Ram #7, Ram 11, RAM Mkt #18, Ram Store #12, Ram Store #19, Ranalls 490, Ranchester Food, Rand Food Store, Rand oil, Randall's, Raul's Comal Mexican Food, R-B-M, RDM #3, Reardi, Reck's Supermarket, Red 65, Red Coleman #53, Red Coleman's, Red Coleman's 54, Red E. Mart #35, Red Seven Country Store, Red's Fast, Red-Coleman, Redi-Go, Redman Market, Regalados Exxon, Rekahns, Remah Texaco, Remer Program Inc, Reuben's, Reyna's Food Store, RIB Grocery, RIB II, Ricebird Drive In, Rick, Rick's, Ricks Drive In, Rigsby Food Mart, Rio Bravo Grocery, Rios #4, Rite Drive In 1, Inc., Rite Stop, Ritz #2, Ritz #4, River #3, River Stop, River View Family Center #2, Riverview, Riverview Family Center, R-J's Stop, RNR Super Mart Mkt, Road Runner, RoadRunner Food, Roadrunner Food Mart, Roadside 2, Robert's Drive Inn, Roberts, Rock Bottom, Rock Creek, Rocket Mart, Rockwall Onestop, Rod's Quick Stop, Rodeo Country 107502, Rogelio's Corr. Penn., Roger's Exoxn #2, Roger's Exxon #1, Rogers Groc, Rojoj Mkt, Rolandos Liquor, Roman's Texaco, Rominy Drive Inn, Ron's Food Mart, Rosa Co Inc, Rosedale Texaco, Rosharon Superette, Roweltt Shell, Roxy Tiger Mart, Roxys Tiger Mart, Royal Oak & Drive, Rsie Upholstery, Ruben's, Rubens Gro, Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q, Rudys BBQ, Ruiz Martah, Ruiz Meats, Rusi R Diesel, S & K Food Mart, S & N 99¢ Store, S & R Liquor, S & S Texaco, S and S Big 8, S&P Kwik Stop, S&S Citgo, S&S Liquor, S. Liquor, S. Timberland Lufkin Polk Oil #15, Sabine Food, Sable Mart, Sac N Pac, Sac-N-Pac, Sac-N-Pac #201, Sadie Hawkins I, Salim Discount Liq, Salinas Food Store, Sam's, Sam's Liquor, Sam's Market, Sammy, San Antonio Smokes, San Juan Foodmart, San Pedro Groc, Sand's Liquor, Sandy Beach, Sandy Creek Drive In, Sandy's Food Store, Sansing Food Store, Santo Cay Store, Sargent Country Store, SARI, Sari Food Mart, Satch's Con Store, Saunders Pump N Shop, Saunders Texaco, Save A Step, Save Time Food Mart, Save Tx Mkt, Saver, Saver Food Store, Sav-M #147, Sav-Mart, Scarboroug's, Scobee's Minimart, Scotties, Scottsdale Big 8, See N Stop, Seller DI, Sellers #1, Seven Days Drive In, Seven Eleven, Seven Eleven #231082, Seven-Eleven #616, Sevens, Shain Gas, Shamrock, Shamrock Marina, Shatime, Shawn, Shell, Shell Hidden Meadows, Shellfood, Shelly's, Shepherd Food, Sherwood Way Exxon, Shipps, Shirley's Corner, Shivani's, Shop & Groc, Shop & Save, Shop E Save 9, Shop Mart, Shop N Drive, Shop N Go, Shop N Go #4, Shop N Save, Shop Rite, Shop-Mart, Shop-N-Go #5, Shop-N-Save, Shopper & Mart, Shopper Mart #34, Shoppers Mart #6, Shore Stop #1, Shore Stop #10, Shore Stop #11, Shore Stop #12, Shore Stop #13, Shore Stop #14, Shore Stop #15, Shore Stop #16, Shore Stop #17, Shore Stop #18, Shore Stop #19, Shore Stop #2, Shore Stop #20, Shore Stop #21, Shore Stop #22, Shore Stop #23, Shore Stop #24, Shore Stop #25, Shore Stop #26, Shore Stop #3, Shore Stop #4, Shore Stop #5, Shore Stop #6, Shore Stop #7, Shore Stop #8, Shore Stop #9, Short Stop, Short Stop #19, Short Stop #23, Short Stop #25, Short Stop #26, Short Stop #4, Short Stop #7, Short Stop Food Mart, Short Stop Food Store, Short's, Shot's #5, Shots #10, Sierra's Quick Stop, Sikano, Silva's Mini #3, Silva's Supermarket, Simons, Sing Food Store, Singleton Store, Six Pack Corner, SJ's Fast, Skimp 89, Skinners, Skinny #70, Skinny's, Skinny's #97, Skinny's 101, Skinny's 127, Skinny's 17, Skinny's 18, Skinny's 44, Skinny's 52, Skinny's 83, Skinny's 88, Skinny's 90, Skinnys #112, Skips, Skyway Food, Slims, Smart Shop Exxon, Smart Stop, Smile Food Mart, Smiley's Ice House, Smily's, Smith Bros. Dive In Groc., Smith Bros. Red & White Food Store, Smith's, Smith's #516, SN Mart, Snack & Tackle, Snack Mart, Snappy #3, Snappy #5, Snappy Food, Snappy Foods #4, Snappy Foods #6, Snook Drive In, Snyder One Stop, Sodelak's Grocery, Solley's Inc, Sonic, Sonny's Drive Inn, Sorrell Star, South Fourth Gro, South Lakewood, Souther Liquor, Southern Mart, Southlake Wood, Southland Exxon, Southton C-Store, Southwest Liq, Spanish Shield #1, Spartan Liquor, Special Liquor, Speedy, Speedy Mart, Speedy Mini Mart, Speedy Stop, Speedy Stop #12, Speedy Stop #2, Speedy Stop #24, Speedy Stop #27, Speedy Stop #3, Speedy Stop #37, Speedy Stop #51, Speedy Stop #7, Speedy Stop 20, Speedy Stop 38, Speedy Store #11, Spillway Bait, Spin & Market, Spin N Market, Split Second, Sportman Liquor, Sportsman Mkt, Sportsman's, Sportsmans One Stop, Spring Texaco, Spring Times Mart, Springer Chevron, Sprint 24, Squeak's Conv., Sratek's, Sryene Mobil, SS, SS #6, SS#14, SS#2, SS8/Circle K, SSP Circle K 9644, SSPK 9623 Circle K, Sstop N Go, St. Mary's Food Mart, Stagecoach Stop, Stanley #12, Stanley's Ice #2, Stanley's Ice Station, Stanleys, Stanlyes, Stanlys, Star Food, Star Market, Star Mart #2, Star Stop, Star Stop #12, Star Stop #14, Star Stop #2, Star Trac #3, Starkey's 1, Starr, Starr Gro., Steak House Mt. M., Step N Go, Step N Go #2, Step N Save, Steve Ice House, Stone T-24, Stop & Drive, Stop & Drive Store, Stop & Get, Stop & Go, Stop & Go #2452, Stop & Go 2442, Stop & Shop, Stop & Shop Groc., Stop a Minit, Stop Amigo, Stop Fast Marina, Stop Go, Stop Go 2371, Stop Go 2597, Stop In Go, Stop Mart, Stop N (x), Stop N All, Stop N Buy, Stop N Drive, Stop N Fey, Stop N Go, Stop N Go #2275, Stop N Go #2489, Stop N Go #4, Stop N Go 2036, Stop N Go 204717, Stop N Go 2196, Stop N Go 2205, Stop N Go 2314, Stop N Go 2327, Stop N Go 2340, Stop N Go 2750, Stop N Save, Stop N Shop, Stop N Stop, Stop One, Stop Shop Exxon, Stop to Save, Stop-N-Bye, Stop-N-Fly, Stop-N-G0, Stop-N-Go 2114, Stop-N-Point, Stop-N-Save, Store Keepers, Store Real #3, Strawberryhill, Sugar Hill 107375, Sun Food, Sun Mart, Sun Mart #102, Sun Mart #133, Sun Mart #304, Sun Mart 168, Sun Rise Mini Mart, Sunbelt Jewelry & Loan, Sunglo, Sunglo #10, Sunglo #15, Sunglo #18, Sunglo #22, Sunglo #29, Sunglo #34, Sunglo #39, Sunglo #5, Sunglo Inc #36, Sunmart, Sunmart #129, Sunny, Sunny Fast Groc., Sunny Food Mart, Sunny Super Market, Sunny's, Sunny's Food Mkt, Sunny's Food Store, Sunrise, Sunrise Conoco, Sunrise Foods #4, Sunrise Gro, Sunrise Grocery, Sunrise Market, Sunrise Mart, Sunrise Mkt, Sunrise Mkt #2, Sunrise R.V. 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Express, Tyler Truck, Tyree Park Groc, U.D.S., U.D.S. #1256, U.S.A. Checks Cashed, UDS #1370, UDS 883, UDS 90, UFO Liquor, UL, Uncle P Drive In, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam's, Uncle Sam's #103, Uncle Sam's #14, Uncle Sam's #19, Uncle Sam's #20, Uncle Sam's #23, Uncle Sam's #24, Uncle Sam's #26, Uncle Sam's #32, Uncle Sam's #4, Uncle Sam's #5, Uncle Sam's #8, Uncle Sams, Uncle Sams #11, Uncle Sams #21, Uncle Sams #28, Uncle Sams #29, Uncle Sams 40, Uncle Sams 45, Uncles, Uncles #76, Uncles #81, Uncles 201, United Drive In, United Enterprises, United Rive In #2, Univ. 66, Unv. Chevron's Morgan Oil Co., UPS 2256, Urban Grocery, Urbanek Store, US Food Mart, US Super Mkt, USA Checks, USA Checks 2503, USA Checks Cashed, USA Checks Cashed #2386, USA Food, USA Food Mart, Utopia General Store, Valdivia, Valley Check, Valley Check Cashiers, Valley Mart, Valley Mart #5, Valley Mart #7, Valley Mart 1, Valley Shamrock, Valley Shamrock #06, Valley Shamrock #11, Valley Shamrock #14, Valley Shamrock 21, Valley View Exxon, Valley View Mobil, Valu Liquor, Vanita, Variety, VAS#2419, Vasek Drive In, VCC 2514, Venus Country Store, Venus Texaco, Vic's, Vic's Cut Rate, Victor's Citgo, Video Exchange, Video Loco, Village Creek Mobil, Village Mkt, Village North Mobil, Village Stop, Vishu Enter, Vision Video #12, Vision Video #7, Vista, Vista 4046, Vista Food Mart, Vista Food Mart 410, Vista Hills Car Wash, Vista Stores, Vs #5, W C Video, W. Oil Texaco, Wades, Wag #11, Wag a Bag, Wag A Bag #2, Waga Bag 1, Waked at Citgo, Walker's Food, Walkers Liq., Wallnut Food, Wally's Liquor, Walters, Wand'a Kountry Korner, Water hole 83, Watson's Big Creek Grocery, Watson's City, Watson's One Stop, Watts Grocery, WD Miller #4, Welcome Stop, Wencho's Food, Wendy's, Wes T 84 #23, West Bel 1153, West Rover Mobil, West Way Foods, Wes-T-60, West-60 #4, Westbrooks, Western Beverage, Western Beverage #8, Western Beverage #97, Western Food, Wes-T-Go #1, Wes-T-Go #97, West-T-Go #26, Whi-In, Whip In 102, Whip-In, Whoa 'N' Go, Willbanks, Willco Petroleum, Wil-Max Gilmer, Winn Dixie, Winn Dixie 2438, Winn Dixie 2442, Winn Dixies, Witcher Shell, Witts Liq., Wm Lopez Supermarket, Wolff, Wolfin Square Texaco, Womack's Food Store, Wonder F.S. #8, Wonder Food Store, Wood Ridge Shell, Wooden Rcl. Quick Stop, Wright Stop, Wright Stop #361, Wright Stop #521, Wright Stop #531, Wright Stop #532, Wright's Drive Inn, Wyatt's Super C, Wylie Fina, Y Drive Inn, Yarbrough Chevron, Yonkers, You and I Food, Youngblood's, Youself, Zaragosa, Zaragosa Discount Liquor, Zaragosa Food Mart, Ziggy's Mart, Zip-N, Zip In, Zipps, Zippy J's #1, Zippy J's #3, Zoom Food Mart, Zoom In, Zoom Zooms, Zosuh.

The following is a summary of the comments received during the comment period from persons who indicated they were opposed to the proposed amendments but offered additional comments:

Comment: Many commenters indicated that they did not want the odds to go to 1 in 25 million and if the change is made, these commenters will not play.

Response: The Commission recognizes the commenters' opposition in connection with increasing the odds; however, the Commission understands the Lotto game to be jackpot driven. When jackpots are high, more people buy tickets. The Commission understands that it may lose some players because of the increase in the odds of winning; however, the Commission believes higher jackpots will bring players to the game, and, as a result, offset the loss of players who will not play because of the increase in the odds of winning.

Comment: Many commenters suggested that there should be more winners with lower jackpots.

Response: The Commission disagrees with the comments because player research indicates that most players play Lotto Texas to win high jackpots and do not play when the jackpots are at low levels. Actual sales information for recent years supports this statement.

Comment: Many commenters indicated that the odds of winning should be decreased for the players, not increased.

Response: The Commission disagrees with the comment because decreasing the odds of winning would generate lower jackpots and thereby reduce sales amounts.

Comment: Many commenters do not want four extra balls.

Response: The Commission understands the comment but believes that adding four balls will generate higher jackpots and, in turn, higher sales. Player research indicates that Lotto players want higher jackpots and play this particular game for the chance to win high jackpots. Sales history supports this contention because when jackpots reach high amounts, more tickets are sold than at lower jackpot levels.


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