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Originally Posted: Jan 3, 2016
Will Update after each win and when
winners info comes in

Triple Chance Topp Prize Winners
(First Drawing Sept 28, 2015)

The Texas Lottery reports the number of winning tickets
after each draw. There is literally no way for consumers
to know the accuracy of what is reported. For Triple Chance,
I will keep track of the winners and when & IF they collect. If
too many tickets go unclaimed, this will be a questionable sign.

An incentive for any lottery to claim there are winners when there
weren't any is three fold. 1) They can increase the unclaimed prize
monies going to the state; 2) they can "pretend" they are returning
a higher percentage of tickets sales to the players and 3) for
pari-mutuel games, it reduces the prize amounts on the low
tier prizes. These are effective ways for lotteries to make
more money.

Triple Chance sales have NOT been favorable. In fact, it's a
game that should be discontinued. It is taking funds from the
other games resulting in lower prize amounts and is discouraging
to players. But the TLC plans to promote Triple Chance in 2016
in hopes of increasing sales. It won't work. It has become
obvious that players are not accepting $2 prize points
for online games. The same thing applies to All or Nothing.

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I will post data when it comes in.

Number of Jackpot
Winners Since
Sept 28, 2015
& Date Won
Date Player
Claimed Prize


(NO bonus paid to
retailers for selling top
prize tickets - sad)

45) 08/02/17 Tshering Tobgay August 10, 2017 Euless Albertsons
44) 07/08/17 Russel Pete July 12, 2017 Houston Airport Express
43) 06/26/16 Phillip Terry June 29, 2017 Humble Circle K
42) 06/10/17 Ahesan Karedia July 25, 2017 League City Oasis
41) 04/26/17 Sherita Tidrow April 27, 2017 Haskell Wes-T-Go
40) 04/24/17 Gaston Augustin April 25, 2017 Baytown JacksGrocery
39) 04/22/17 Ceasar Alvarado Perez April 24, 2017 San Antonio Grandma B's Meat Market
38) 04/19/17 Judy Findlay April 20, 2017 Houston Valero
37) 03/13/17 David Casey March 14, 2017 Victoria JR's Shell
36) 02/24/17 Sereena Hodges Feb 27, 2017 Mansfield Kounty Food Store
35) 02/06/17 Fredrick Griffiths Feb 8, 2017 Houston Krogers
21 Winning Tickets in 2016
34) 12/02/16 A. Q. Burton Dec 6,2016 Balch Springs Ace Country Store
33) 10/06/16 Vencicia Taylor Oct 10, 2016 San Antonio Asian Groceries
32) 09/01/16 Rodlfo Charo Sept 6, 2016 Sonora 7-Eleven
31) 08/23/16 Edward Thompson Oct 7, 2016 Ft. Worth Krogers
30) 08/22/16 Jesus Monje Aug 26, 20/16 Houston A & A Truck Stop
29) 06/21/16 Kathy Toler-Wright June 21, 2016 LaPorte Fairmont Food Mart
28) 06/06/16 Morgan Larner June 7, 2016 Odessa Smokin J's
27) 06/02/16 Teresa Canodeaceves June 3, 2016 McKinney Shop N Go
26) 05/20/16 Nezhla Radmand May 23, 2016 Houston Hempstead Truck Stop
25) 05/06/16 Winfred Stone May 13, 2016 Beverly Hills
Valero Corner Store
24) 05/03/16 Rodney Mosier May 4, 2016 Amarillo Cash Saver Cost Plus
23) 05/02/16 Ana Garcia May 4, 2016 San Antonio Corner Store
22) 02/25/16 Brian Collis March 17, 2016 Houston Valero Corner Store
21) 02/22/16 Donald Gilliam Feb 25, 2016 Avinger Crestwood One Stop
20) 02/13/16 Sherry Lewis Feb 16,2016 Huntsville Hardy Drive Inn
19) 02/09/16 Allen McNeal Feb 10, 2016 Mesquite Quik Trip
18) 01/23/16 Jose Magallanes Jan 25, 2016 Houston Ice Box
17) 01/08/16 Sharon Fowler Jan 8, 2016 Benbrook Quiktrip
16) 01/06/16 Emerico Perez Jan 7, 2016 Ft. Worth Corner Store
15) 01/06/16 Joe Hudson Jan 7, 2016 Houston Langley Super Market
14) 01/04/16 Gregory Bowser Jan 5, 2016 Ft. Worth Fun & Food
13 Winning Tickets in 2015 (First drawing Sept 28, 2015)
13) 12/21/15 Waymond Goss Dec 22, 2015 Missouri City Mpeez Food Mart
12) 12/16/15 Danna Donnell Dec 18, 2015 Cypress Corner Store
11) 11/27/15 Louis Loredo Jan 21, 2016 Pecos Stripes
10) 11/21/15 Maria Garcia Nov 23, 2015 Magnolia Stagecoach Food Market
9) 11/17/15 Sondra Hagy Nov 18, 2015 Collinsville Collinsville Food Mart
8) 11/12/15 Russell Pete
Rcd info 1/19/16

Requested info 11/23/15 &
Requested info 12/15/15
Nov 13, 2015 Houston Airport XPress
7) 11/07/15 Ly Chi Nov 9, 2015 Roundrock Mr Zip - Shell
6) 10/30/15 Edwin Black Nov 3, 2015 Hico Ranglers
5) 10/29/15 Roger Terrell Nov 3, 2015 San Antonio EZ Buy
4) 10/27/15 John Pilaczynski Oct 30,2015 Devine Super Mart
3) 10/16/15 Steve Mize Oct. 19, 2015 Hermliegh Allsups
2) 10/15/15 Gayle Myers Jan 5, 2016 Lampasas Curb Service
1) 10/05/15 Dennis Jackson Oct 6, 2015 Killeen Stan C Store


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Read Dallas Morning News
Story About Texas Triple Chance

Appeared Feb 12, 2014 -

Senator Deuell Requests an AG Opinion ...
Does Texas Triple Chance Qualify As a "Lottery"

Read Senator Deuell's letter, Click here (a pdf - 02/10/14)
Read my letter to the AG - (a pdf - 01/28/14), click here

Triple Chance Rule and Editiorial About This Game
Basic game concept and a full explanation about the game. Click here.

Read My Letter To The Attorney General
With the writing of this letter, I've done all I can
do to protect the People of Texas. It is now out
of my hands. Posted 1/30/14. Click here

Texas Triple Chance - A Casino "Keno"
Game In Almost Every Aspect

I Wonder ... Wouldn't a Constitutional
Amendment be needed for the TX Lottery to
conduct this game? Pertinent information revealed
& explained. New page posted 1/20/14, Click here


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