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Texas Lottery & TX Attorney General LOST Four Appeals

The Last Two With The U.S. 5th Circuit of Appeals - March 2008

RE: Shelton Charles' Whistleblower Lawsuit

Shelton Charles Is Kicking Their Butts!

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Originally Posted: March 30, 2008

TLC loses 1st round in Court
Dec 11, 2006 - Click here

- Update -
Sept 2006 - Click here

- Update -
Nov 2007 - Click here.

Links To Shelton Charles (Plantiff) Legal Stuff

Plantiffs Original Petition To The Court, pdf
Plantiff's First Set of Interrogatories to TLC, pdf
Plantiffs First Requests for Production to TLC, pdf
Plantiffs First Set of Interrogatories to Gary Grief, pdf

4th Appeal - US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals - Appeal Dismissed! Click here - pdf
Court warns AG - quit wasting the courts valuable time & resources

- Brief Update - Shelton Charles Case -

Here's the latest.

On March 26, 2008, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed another appeal - the 4th one - that was filed by the Texas Attorney General on behalf of the Texas Lottery. They are trying to get immunity for Gary Grief ...

In its ruling, the Court stated ... "we trust that counsel [meaning the Texas Attorney General] will in future interlocutory appeals make sure to challenge only those rulings involving questions of law and NOT WASTE valuable resources [meaning taxpayer dollars] applealing those determinations over which we clearly lack jurisdiction." (Links so that you can read the ruling can be found at the top and bottom of this page)

The TLC and the Texas Attorney General have spent lots of money and time in legal maneuvers and have FAILED at all of them so far. But there's no doubt that they will continue to fight - cover up - and spend taxpayer dollars to keep Shelton's story from a PUBLIC courtroom.

I pray that there's no amount of MONEY to shut Mr. Charles up. I want to see the experts tell a jury about the disaster recovery site, I want to hear about the open records violations to which I am one of the recipients, I want to hear about the misuse of public monies and I want to see the employees testify under oath ... Gawd - this would be a dream come true. Of course, I know that within a day of the May court date, the TLC will offer to write a check to stop it. That's what they always do ...

So, bottom line. As of today, the TLC has lost FOUR appeals and foolishly spent tons of money fighting this case. Money that should have been spent for our schools.

Congratulations to Shelton and his legal team. I'm ready to see this go to court - I will be there sitting FRONT row in May 2008.

Now read the 5th Circuit of Appeals Court Decision - it's a real slap in the face to the state of Texas - click here (pdf).

Links To Shelton Charles (Plantiff) Legal Stuff

Plantiffs Original Petition To The Court, pdf
Plantiff's First Set of Interrogatories to TLC, pdf
Plantiffs First Requests for Production to TLC, pdf
Plantiffs First Set of Interrogatories to Gary Grief, pdf

3rd Appeal - US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals - Click here.
- Appeal Dismissed! Click here to read the legal papers - pdf
Court warns AG - "improvidently brought and doggedly prosecuted such an appeal"

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A Special Message To All TLC
Employees - Past & Present

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The sibkkc.ru


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