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August 4, 2002
Subject: misc

I very much appreciate your site. (Thank you)

I voted against the lottery a few years back. After a while I joined a office pool for social reasons. After leaving that company I continued "playing" the lottery. I actually won just under $1,000 one time. For about 3 years I have been spending way more on cash 5 vs lotto. I totally quit cash 5 with the recent changes. (Me too!)

I would like to see way better chances of winning something in the range of $100,000. The chance of winning the big money is way too slim. I am still waiting for the bolt of lighting to strike first. I stand on top of the house with a pole at times (not really). Best wishes in dealing with the machine, so to speak.

August 4, 2002
Subject: Cash 5
Why are people pushing cash 5 with the new prizes? The total sales are higher or are they? It's not making sense.

I have addressed this comment completely and from all perspectives - players,
retailers, G-Tech and the Texas Lottery
. Click here to read my response.

August 2, 2002
Subject: CASH 5

Well now they have ruined the CASH 5 too. That was the only game I was playing since they screwed up the PICK 6, and now I won't play it any more.

Looking at the payouts for the 3 of 5 and 4 of 5 for the first week, it seems the winners are really getting the screw job. The payouts for the 3 of 5 are about 1/3 of the old payouts and the payouts for the 4 of 5 are about 1/2 as much as before the 'improvement' but it's not three times as easy to get 3 of 5 or twice as easy to get 4 of 5.

If the 'LOTTERY GODS' say it's so, it must be so. The people in TEXAS are SO gullible and follow like sheep, it's almost getting to where I'm ashamed to admit I'm from TEXAS. WAKE UP PEOPLE. It's time to make the LOTTERY COMMISSIONERS an elected position. Let's take back 'THE GAMES OF TEXAS' for the players. After all, these are your games.

The RAILROAD COMMISSIONER is an elected position. The TEXAS LAND COMMISSIONER is an elected position. Write to either one and you'll get a response. If you have a real problem you may make a phone call and get to talk to a representative. NOT SO WITH THE LOTTERY COMMISSION. They are COMPLETELY unresponsive to the wants of the players. With the 'improved' PICK 6 and CASH 5, your odds are better at the boats in Shreveport La.

That's what I've started doing. Instead of playing the PICK 6 I've been putting that $20 to $25 a week into a jar and going the Shreveport every time I get $300 or $400. Now I'll be putting an additional $20 a week into the jar. Since they changed the PICK 6, I've gone to the boats twice. I came home with $800 more than I went with the first time. The other time I lost my $300. But I figure I'm ahead, I've won more than I had been winning on 'THE GAMES OF TEXAS'.

With the resent CEO scandals at ENRON and WORLDCOM, the people of TEXAS had better take a closer look at what the LOTTERY COMMISSIONERS are doing. Fred L, Farmersville

I hear you! Thanks for writing.

August 2, 2002
To: <>
Cc: < >
Subject: Cash Five and Two Step

The two step is a joke. The money amounts are decreasing and the number of players are decreasing. Cash Five has become a joke. My group use to play $100 a drawing. We now play $0. They change the rules or cut prizes that people were encouraged to play because they could win something. $20.00 + 3-5 or 4-5 $350 - $900 depending if their was a 5-5 winner. If Lotto becomes a power ball game, I will quit all games. I don't play pick three or two-step now. I believe a survey should be sent to the players through the retail stores for their in put for great bucks. If we had six drawings it would not be too too bad. But you would lose sales. $ per ticket sale would decrease. Have a wonderful day. Ed W

Thanks for sharing the message you sent to the Sunset Commission with me. If they get enough of them, they will at least tell our legislators. Maybe the TLC will respond to the people they work for!

August 2, 2002
To: < >
Subject: survey

Dawn, I have finally had enough. I was very opposed to the pick 3 twice a day, I was strongly opposed to the addition of four more balls in the lotto, but the cash five game has me at my whit's end. I don't really have a question for the survey, I would like to make a comment on a game that I would like TLC to implement and that is a straight pick four (no bonus ball). I would play it If the payout was fair. Until then I might suffer some withdrawal, but I vow to quit playing daily. I spend several hundred a month, I am going to buy myself a Lincoln Towncar.............Joy....My regards to Don.

Thank you for sharing your feelings. I'm hearing this same thing from everybody. As for a Pick4, the people of Texas have requested this game for years but the TLC hasn't initiated such a game - I think they are looking for games that make millions per day instead of hundreds of thousands per day! I surmise Greed is why you haven't seen it yet! As for "withdrawl," I can tell you first hand that it doesn't last long! When you see each day that you wouldn't have won had you played, it makes the symptoms go away real fast!!!

August 2, 2002
To: < >
Subject: Cash 5

No Cash 5 winners in 4 straight days??? I smell a rotten skunk. I believe the TLC is cheating. They don't listen to players but I'll bet somebody will listen when there ARE NO SALES AT ALL. I will not play the games again until we have new people running the Texas Lottery and I mean people who will offer us fair, reasonable games with a chance to win something worth the gamble. $2, $10, and $137 won't cut the mustard. Fed Up, San Antonio

While it's not impossible to have no top prize winners, it does appear strange to me that there have been no winners this week too. You see, one can tell by total sales when "its likely" there will be a winner "statistically." The odds are ... for every 435,897 tickets sold, there should be at least one winner. Well, this weeks sales were: Mon, $563,398: Tues - $518,309; Wed - $271,534; Thur - $570,662. Add to this the fact too that the numbers drawn were good winnable combinations. In theory, I could come to three conclusions: (1) Sales are not what they say they are; (2) they are cheating; (3) it's just another "fluke." Only on Wednesday could I see where there could have very easily been no winner. We'll never know though so everybody has no choice but to form their own conslusions about this scenario.
(FYI - Under 5/39, the odds were for every 575,757 tickets sold, one ticket should be a winner.)

July 30, 2002 -
Subject: Howdy

Absolutely agree with the comments on Cash Five... At least they could have renamed it! I have a "what if" question. I know you mess with numbers all the time so I was wondering if you have this answer. What if ONE person had selected the correct numbers on the first new Cash Five? How much would they have won? Thanks, John H

That's an excellent question and here's how you figure it under the "new" rule.

Players receive 50% of sales - in this draw sales were $563,398 which means there was $281,699 in the "prize pool." Since there is a new $2 "guaranteed" prize - the TLC opted to take those prizes right off the top of the players share.

So, there were 64,924 people who won $2 each which amounts to $129,848.

Now you deduct $129,848 from the prize pool which leaves $151,851 in the "residual prize pool." (They came up with a new name for the prize pool)

The 5 of 5 winners share from the "residual prize pool" is 40.15% which means if there had been a winner, he would have received $60,968.

The 4 of 5 winners share is 18.08% of the "residual prize pool." There were 278 winners so they would have divided $27,455 meaning each of the 4 of 5 winners would have won $98.75.

The 3 of 5 winners share is 41.77% of the "residual prize pool." There were 6488 winners so they would have divided $63,428 meaning each of them would have won $9.77. But, the TLC rounds down to even dollars and supposedly the money is kept in reserve for the next draw.

Just for your information, under the old rule, players received 50% of sales. The 5 of 5 winners divided 20%, the 4 of 5 winners divided 30% and the 3 of 5 winners divided 50% of the prize pool.

Like Lotto Texas 6/54, the TLC increased the percentage the top prize winner received and lowered the middle prize.

July 30, 2002
Subject: New Cash 5 Game

Having played Cash 5 regularly since its inception, I gleefully proceeded to my nearest Lotto retailer this morning with my winning ticket from the 7/29/02 drawing. Imagine my surprise when my 3/5 correct numbers paid a whopping $9. The lowest payout heretofore that I have personally experienced in the Cash 5 game was $19 for 3/5, with an average of between $20-$30 being the norm. Whatever happened to Truth In Advertising? Your much touted "...it's more fun", and "get 2 numbers out of 5 and win $2...", etc. infomercial is insulting our intelligence. Why don't you tell my fellow Texans that along with decreasing the total numbers from 39 to 37 you have also considerably decreased possible winnings? You can henceforth keep your pari-mutuel $9 and your paltry payout for 4/5, as well. For myself, I will most definitely not put my $9 back into this game and you can't entice me with a "guaranteed $2 for 2/5" which is again designed to be put back into the game(s). You're withholding vital information from the general Texas populace and I think it is deplorable. Cash 5 has just gone the way of Texas 2-Step which has equally unappealing odds. May you fall flat on your faces with your deceptive self-serving practices and hopefully many of my fellow citizens of Texas will join me in boycotting your games.

Shame on you! Marge

I received this message this morning (7-30-03) - a "blind-copy" was sent to me. I think the player says it all! I have nothing to add other than to tell you that I have received tons of angry emails since I posted the payouts last night - boy - I almost think ya'll are madder now than you were over the Lotto changes. Or maybe it's just because we all switched to Cash 5 and now they've ruined it too!

July 30, 2002
Subject: Cash Five Changes

It seems that TLC is taking the fun out of playing the lottery. The TLC seems not to have the players interest at hand. They seem to think the players are not smart enough to figure out that they are being short-changed. I will go from playing cash five four nights a week to maybe two nights if that many. Lk of Houston

Quite the contrary, the TLC thinks and says they've added fun to the games even though in reality, they've destroyed the game. Time will tell. But you're right, they do not have the players interest at hand. By paying $2 for matching 2 numbers, the "truth" is, the "number" of winners will increase. So, they will be able to advertise and promote ... "The new overall odds of winning are just 1-in-8 compared to 1-in-100 for the old game" and, "While the old game produced approximately 5,000 to 6,000 winners per drawing, the new game is projected to produce approximately 50,000 to 60,000 winners per drawing." (This is an excerpt from the TLC's July 25th press release)

FYI - The last 5/39 drawing produced 5690 winners and the first 5/37 drawing produced 71,690 "winners." As you can see, their "projections" are off again! Also, of the 71,690 total "winners," 64,924 were players who "won" $2. I just wonder if these $2 players are really "winners." Did they spend more than $2?

July 30, 2002
Subject: Boycott the new Cash 5 and Lotto Texas

Dawn, I just saw the payouts for this first drawing, $9 for 3#'s, $318 for 4#'s. What a joke. Until now I was a $25 a night Cash 5 player and hit 3#'s quite often. I have more money to spend since I quit buying the Lotto Texas tickets since the 6/54 scam. We need to tell everyone to quit buying tickets until the games are changed. I promise that it can be done and won't be as hard as you may think. You see how many hits your site gets daily. Just tell your people to band together and keep their money in their pockets and to pass it on. Together we all can make a HUGE difference...Let me know what you think.

p.s. I might buy my mom a new house with all the money I am gonna save...:) Larry

Personally, I already have boycotted the new Cash5 game. When they passed the new rule, I reduced my Cash 5 spending from $10 per draw to $2 per draw. Last night, I saved my $2. As far as telling the players to boycott the lottery, you just did it for me! But, for whatever it is worth, I have countless emails from players stating they will quit playing Cash5 on the day the new rule takes effect. I guess we'll see how serious the players were now.

July 30, 2002
Subject: Thank you Dawn

Please confirm your memory of the "forced" conversion to 6/54 [also known as 'Lotto Linda Cloud'] is the same as mine. When first put forth by Mrs. Cloud, the proposal was met with severe public outcry.

When it was proposed again, the TLC was prepared to implement regardless of public sentiment. As part of Mrs. Cloud's "smoke & mirrors" routine, she claimed the public had rejected the Power Ball concept, but wanted a "more exciting" game with higher jackpots [she also claimed this was at the cost of a slight odds increase {60% - like we're too stupid to know our own names}].

Now to remedy this, they are going to "force" a higher odds Power Ball game on us - surely they know what the public comment will be. If they keep up with this thinking, they won't have enough income to make the TLC payroll.

Time to clean house at the TLC - fire them all - let them cook squirrel around the campfire with the Enron and WorldCom management.

You realize that as our spiritual leader, you must declare a Jihad upon Linda Cloud and the Austin Power Ball plan. G. E.

Yes, you are correct. Linda Cloud did make statements to the effect that players did not want our lotto game to be a powerball game ... but Linda Cloud says whatever she "needs" to say "at the time." Like President Clinton did when he said, " I did not have sex with that woman!"

I received a letter from Linda shortly after the first 4 ball proposal was withdrawn. It, in essence, said to let the past go and let's work together in the future. A short 5 months later, Ms Cloud had simply "re-grouped" with what appears to be G-Techs co-operation and re-proposed to add 4 balls again. After the 4 ball rule was adopted, Linda and Keith Elkins then declared I was not a "professional news-organization" and they suspended my lottery information. The reason she did this was in hopes of delaying my web postings ... her plan was for me to lose my web audience. She's since tried to accomplish the same results with other highly successful lottery web site owners (read the "Bullies" story).

Regarding my suspension, even though I've made multiple requests in the past 2 years to address this issue with the Commissioners, the issue is technically still "pending." But, I am proud to report that because I finally accepted the fact that I was on my own to obtain "all" the data I needed on a "daily ... week-end ... & holiday basis," I have taken matters into my own hands. There will be no more waiting until Monday or until after the "holidays" for me to post the winning cities and retailers. The information will be posted in the same manner that it "use" to be ... in spite of the TLC's refusal to release the data directly to me - From what I've heard, the TLC will have to address this issue with the press in the very near future.

With regards to my being the players "spiritual leader," so far I've already received 278 e-mails from players of opposition to turning Lotto Texas into a Powerball game. From what players are telling me, they are in favor of Texas "joining" the Powerball or Big Game ... just so they can buy tickets locally when the pots are really big. I "was" in favor too, however, the Powerball just adopted new rules for their game which made the game very "unfair" to players. Click here - it's the 3rd story on this page. I believe ya'll will all agree with me when you read what they've done to Powerball and will no longer be "in favor" of Texas joining the Powerball game.

FYI - The "suggestion" to make Lotto Texas a Powerball type game was only mentioned, it was not proposed. However I have reason to believe it will be proposed. Therefore, even though we are not in an official comment period, I am asking for all of you to go on and send me your comments. What the Texas Lottery plans to propose is for players to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 42. Then players will have to pick one number between 1 and 42 - just like the "failing" Texas 2 Step game. This means there will be a total of 84 balls and to win the jackpot, one has to win 2 different drawings at the same time.

As for firing them all, at the rate the Tx Lottery is going, the Texas Lottery may be a thing of the past so that won't be necessary!

July 30, 2002
Subject: Powerball Game?

Hi Dawn, I was reading TDMN online & low & behold under Texas/Southwest was an article on the Lottery being in trouble. This is so amazing that YOU were the one to warn all of us before it hit the papers! Will you be putting up a petition on your site? As I have said in previous e-mail, I REFUSE TO PLAY THE TEXAS LOTTERY (until they cut out the BS)! They have got to be joking, do they really think we will play a powerball type game when it is impossible to even win the silly Texas 2 Step game? Someone needs to tell them (TLC) that April Fool's is not until next year! My fondest regards, Jodi In Allen

Yes, I've already received multiple comments and requests like yours for a petition or survey for players. In fact, I'll use this opportunity right now to say that I could use some help with questions ya'll think we should put before the players in a survey format. Then I'll take all your suggestions and post on a form on my site for everybody to fill out. It takes me soooo long to write and compile questions and answers. Not to mention how long it takes me to think of all the questions that should be asked.

How 'bout it .... won't ya'll PLEASE help me put together a survey? It needs to be multiple choice - and the tough part is thinking of all the applicable answers. I learned that tidbit when I did the Cash 5 questionaire. Click here to email the questions & answers you think should be on a survey and comment form. If you think about it, please put in the subject line "Ideas for comment form." This would help me in compiling the form.

July 30, 2002

Hi Dawn -
I just want you to know that I have been visiting your site almost everyday since you went on the web. I really admire your spunky and tenacious manner with the TLC, but I, a 59-year-old woman, worry that your obsession with their shenanigans will make you ill. Don't let them get the better of you. We, the readers, need you well and able!! Lois

Thank you very much for the kind words and concerns. And I'll admit, the TLC does give me a head-ache. But I receive so many messages of "thanks" from fellow Texans that it makes the time spent worth while. I'll tell you like I tell everybody else .... I'm really in favor of a lottery - but - only if it's honest, forthright, and fair. The Texas Lottery has crossed over that boundary so I'll fight til the end. And when the lottery becomes fair again, I'll get some rest!

July 30, 2002

I just paid for my tickets for the last few weeks from my winnings tonight! It required a little luck, but I used your lists to pick my numbers. I probably used an old list from July 3rd, and I probably targeted 11, though I often target more than one, and usually (though not in this case) pick two numbers next to each other. Anyway, I got 4 out of 6 last night. Thanks. Tim in Plano

Great - when you hit big, remember ... I'm your best friend! And don't let the little fact that we've never met keep me from being your best friend either! I love messages like yours and I'm proud to say, I receive quite a few of them. My sincere congratulations to all who win playing the games of Texas.

July 30, 2002

I have been watching the TLC site since 7-16-02 since that was the 3rd second chance drawing for the Harley Davidson scratch off game. It is still not updated. Do you have a list of winners from that drawing?

The winner was Charlotte Post from Amarillo. It's July 26th now and it's still not posted on the TLC web site ... sorry folks. This is another problem the TLC has that we all know about. They don't place a priority on giving us or the retailers the latest news - and these are the best marketing tools they have! It is my opinion that the Texas Lottery staff spends their time searching for ways to make more money by suckering players. In turn, the Tx Lottery fails to see the obvious.

July 30, 2002
Subject: Cash 5

I just wanted you to know how much I love your web site! I ALWAYS read your site first to find out about the latest lottery "BOONDOGGLE"! It just absolutely infuriates me the way the lottery gives us hardworking players the run-around! With all these changes between the cash 5/lottery, I have FINALLY quit playing! I feel like I have "contributed" my share to the Texas School Fund over the years! The only thing I have EVER won was 4 of 6 numbers (lottery) ONE time & 3 of 5 (cash 5) ONE time!

I used to buy new scratch tickets when they first came out but, I have come to the conclusion I
might as well throw my money to the wind! What's the $10 tickets about (scratch offs)? I tried a few of the Jingle Bucks & Anniversary tickets & did not even get my $10 back! Boy was I mad! If it was not for your site, people like me would still be stupid enough to play!

I also sent in my comments to the Sunset Commission (I even included my address,ph.number) a
few months back, NEVER heard one word from them! Maybe you could tell me, if the lottery money goes to the School Fund, then WHY are we getting hit with skyrocketing school/property taxes? Would you happen to know what exactly this money is used for? I would like to to know as a hardworking taxpayer!

PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT FOR ALL OF US ONCE NAÏVE PLAYERS! Maybe one day the lottery commission will FINALLY listen to the players! JKS

Thank you for the nice words about my web site. To answer your questions, the Sunset Commission will address the players concerns in their final report. I'm glad you wrote them but do remember, they aren't taking personal complaints ... they are seeing what needs to be changed in the laws governing the TLC. One example, the Sunset Commission can suggest to our legislators to write a law forcing the TLC to tell the truth in advertising and to force the Texas Lottery to disclose pertinent game facts to the players. This is something the TLC does NOT currently do. Regarding the money going to the schools, this is a popular question. See the last email on this page.

July 30, 2002
Subject: times each number has been drawn together

I saw this on your web site. I have my own programs that I keep up with this for lotto, cash 5, and pick 3. I can zip and e-mail the latest if you are interested. If nothing else you can compare with your manual system. John, Austin, TX

John sent me the file - he really tracks this data too and does good with it. If anything ever happens to my data, I know who to call! Thank you John for sharing your files with me.

July 30, 2002
Subject: Lotto reform....

Are they ever going to do anything about the 54 balls? I use to win regularly myself until the 6/54 matrix, I have only hit 4#'s a few times since then. I have hit 4#'s on wed and sat with the other 2#'s in the next line, have copy's for proof. But lately, I didn't even get a little excited when it was $70 mil. (I know what you mean - I didn't get excited either.)

A lady I work with at the (name deleted) was the winner from (city deleted), she already made $110K plus on salary. We had a pool of 25 people and we each put in $5 and didn't win a thing. When the lotto was $50 mil at 6/50, we each put in $100 and won back almost $3,000.

It seems like everyone has lost faith in this give all your money to TLC and expect nothing in return. So why don't they change it back? At $70 mil there was still no line to get tickets at any store I went to that day. I think we have the worst odds of all the state lotto's, excluding multi-state games. And we are the biggest state so it seems that they would want to create revenue with the Lotto instead of nothing....(Actually, I think California has the highest odds on their "lotto" game - they did away with the game as players knew it and replaced it with a powerball type game last year. California like Texas, was looking for a way to increase sales and decided to take advantage of the people of California instead of recognizing an obvious solution. I have come to the conclusion that because the lotteries are run by non-gamblers, they let accountants and lawyers figure the legal (?) ways to scam people. I think this is really sad ... the lottery could be an excellent source of income for states and fun and profitable for the people. However, management's crummy solutions and greed have taken over.)

Let me know if there is anything I can do as a former Texas Lotto player to get our game straight. Have you looked at the sales figures for the powerball since they ruined our game? We have fed millions of dollars into other states games because of the carelessness of the TLC. I have personally bought over $12,000 in Powerball tickets and we've won more than we've paid in, mostly $5,000 winners. But it is still worth the 2 hour drive. I have made the trip a few times a week when the jackpot is $80 mil+. Not so much the expectation of winning the jackpot, but the smaller prizes all add up as well. 5/49 pays $100,000 there. (Don't say this out loud! Linda Cloud "thinks" competition is un-healthy and she wants to control "where" and "how" Texans spend their gambling money. The TLC knows every "loop-hole" in the laws and they use the "loop-holes" to get away with devious unfair business tactics in dealing with consumers. Ms. Cloud has actually told the Commissioners and our legislators that Texas sales are down because the Texas Lottery has to compete with the Powerball, 8-Liners, on-line gambling, etc- I can't help but wonder why no one has realized that the Powerball, 8-Liners and Las Vegas existed when Texas had no problem with lottery sales. See what I mean about the "obvious?")

And here 5/54 doesn't pay diddly. Plus if a retailer sells a jackpot ticket they get $25,000, here it goes to $500,000, monies of which should be paid back to the player. (The retailers are entitled to a bonus - think of retailers like waitresses ... they earn very little money selling lottery products so they count on a "tip" for their "real" pay. On this issue, again I think the TLC has overlooked the obvious. But like I said earlier, the folks who run our lottery are accountants and lawyers - not sales people who KNOW how to sell and market.)

What if we get a campaign to boycott the lotto and shed some light out to the people in the dark??? I am up for and will do anything that needs to be done....Thank you for your time and paying attention to my whines :) (You said it, I didn't! I've posted your message about boycotting for fellow players to see. Comments anyone?)

July 30, 2002
Subject: Governor's race

Hello Dawn.

I received an email from the Sanchez campaign folks. I'm thinking I will ask them a few questions regarding Sanchez's views on the state lottery.

I read where he supported some type gaming, but, later changed his mind. I can't remember the details. Question. Have you communicated with the Sanchez campaign? If so, is it possible to get a copy of your comments? (No, I have not communicated with any of the candidates.)

I have some opinions regarding current lottery actions and unrelenting concern on improving profits, regardless of impact on loyal players.

My view that emphasis on making a few extra dollars is doing more harm than good.

I have a barber friend. He cuts average of 100 heads a week, give or take a few. We tried for several weeks to get minimum of 8 people to join a pool for the recent lotto drawings. We couldn't convince anyone to join us! People are turned off on the lottery and big jackpots just don't create the interest they did when it was 6 of 50. (Players got mad and quit playing because of the under-handed rule changes that have been made public for the first time ever. When players quit, it's hard to get them back because they've sat back and watched then they've "realized" that they were better off not playing. Hence, they wouldn't have had any of the numbers drawn. When jackpots are "really" big, people (not players) begin to dream then they "reason" they can't win if they don't at least have a ticket. Thus, they buy a ticket and the lottery has new, but temporary, customers. )

I'm really anxious to see what happens to Cash Five, 5 of 37. If $137 is the best they can offer for 4 of 5, then what's the point of playing? (Since I'm posting and responding to your message the morning after the first Cash 5 drawing under the new rule, I can tell you first hand that Cash 5 players are madder than the dickens RIGHT NOW! I predict the Cash 5 game will fail and I personally think Linda Cloud had an ulterior motive for doing this to Cash 5. You see, she's desperate to make Tx 2 Step successful and she's hoping players will switch. I think this may happen but it will be short lived and 2 Step will still be a loser. We'll see.)

The trend is clear, those people apparently decided long time ago, probably with the arrival of current director, to minimize the number of winners and prize amounts.

6 million worthless $10 JingleBucksII scratch tickets good example. TLC says 70 percent of revenue went to players. Well, if you take away the 'break even' prizes, you get a different picture.

Another question and I'll get out of your way. Have you ever used your sibkkc.ru to conduct a survey to learn just how people feel about the lottery? (No, the Report itself does not have the space for extensive surveys. However, my web site has unlimited space so I use it. In another message in today's posting, I've asked people to suggest questions for us to ask. I need all the input I can get. So, I'll look for your input now too and I'll get a survey posted ASAP! )

Have a good day!
Robert B.

July 30, 2002

Hi Dawn,
What a great thing you're doing for lotto players in Texas! I am sure you have been asked to do the same thing for lotto players in other States. I live in Pennsylvania and would be interested in a sibkkc.ru for that State. Any suggestions on how I can make this happen? I've read most of the material on your Site. It's wonderful! Especially, the concept of targeting numbers and playing groups. Congrats on your hard work and obvious intelligence. Can you do any thing for me, here, in PA. with regard to the Cash 5? Kindest regards, Serendipity

What a nice message your have sent me! Thank you for making my day complete. I work 24/7 watching the Texas Lottery and barely have time to breathe, therefore, at this time, there is no way I could track and analysis other state lotteries. And yes, I have had many requests to expand the sibkkc.ru to other states. But I just can't do it now. I'm writing a book that will help players and it takes all my "spare" time. When this book is finished, it will help all players every where and will expose all lotteries.

While it is extremely time consuming, players could conceivably calculate the "target a number" for their own games. The lottery games are suppose to be "random drawings" but there are still some "facts" that players can use to make the games fun and challenging. I can't help it if the "facts" figured just happen to produce winning strategies. This is the sole purpose of the sibkkc.ru - to supply players with the "facts" to use as a challenge.

This is also part of my problem with the management of the Texas Lottery. They "think" that I jeopardize the "integrity" of the games - the randomness of the drawings - by publishing these "facts." They "think" that it puts ideas in players heads - again they over look the "obvious" - they fail to recognize that publications like mine encourage playing the games for "entertainment." I make it very clear that NO ONE can predict all 6 numbers that will be drawn. But by using the "facts" behind the numbers drawn - one can potentially reduce the odds and win a little something along the way IF "Lady Luck" was on their side. These "facts" are published before the drawings occur - I can't help it if some or all of the numbers drawn just happen to be contained in one little paragraph found in my publication! But I certainly have been discriminated against because of it and the "other" facts I provide to players.

Enough said but thanks again for a super nice and complimentary message.

July 30, 2002
Subject: New Cash Five

Where can I get odds and payout info on the new game?

The odds are included in the rule itself which I just happen to have posted on my web site. As for the payout amounts, the Texas Lottery didn't tell anyone that! Not even the Commissioners knew when they voted the rule in. But I, using the data found in the rule, calculated the prize amounts and posted them. Click here to read these facts.

July 30, 2002
Subject: Oline Lottery Infomation


Don and I both thank you for the kind words. I wouldn't fall into this "class" of yours if it weren't for Don and his genius Pick 3 strategies for the "random" Pick3 drawings!

July 2, 2002
Subject: Question re: GTECH

Hello Dawn!

Your sure are one busy person!

I appreciate the wealth of information you provide in your report. I'm sure all serious lottery players use the information in one way or another. (Thank -you.)

I have written several Letters to Editor over the past couple years critical of the way the TLC treats players. They are one greedy bunch!

I'm the author of some of those comments in the Cash 5 report. A lot was left out, but, that's par for the course. Truth matters only when it supports 'their' point of view. (Counsel is notorious for "leaving things out." Wait until you see my report that is being submitted to the Sunset Advisory Commission!)

I know you are busy and I'll get to the point.

I believe that much of what the TLC does regarding the on-line games is being pushed by GTECH. That is, everytime there is a change, G-TECH gains. The extra Pick 3 drawing means more work for those responsible for conducting the games.

Revising Cash 5 to Cash Five required a lot of work by someone. I'm sure GTECH was involved. (I don't know about this. I can't see a purpose but you can rest assured, there is one. Probably involving trademarks and marks. Just a guess though.)

Someone got paid for coming up the the failed Texas Millions game. Again, GTECH was involved in conducting the drawings, etc. (This was Linda Clouds idea. She is a "finance wizzard" first and foremost and it doesn't take much to figure out that picking 4 numbers out of a pool of 100 is a ridiculous gamble. Ask any BINGO player. Notice in Texas Million that the top prize didn't roll over. It was a good money maker for them but players were taken to the cleaners. Much like the Enron, World Com and Xerox employees and investors. For the first time, the public is seeing first hand how accountants can manipulate funds and numbers to their benefit (profit). This is precisely how Ms. Cloud is running the Lottery - in my opinion, of course. But the most important question is, why is she being permitted to do this? Are the Commissioners and our Legislators greedy or ignorant?)

So, there are some big questions in my mind. For example, does GTECH get paid more for conducting additional drawings. How much was GTECH paid to come up with the Cash 5 - 5/37 - game. How many new employees has GTECH gained over the years. How much has the GTECH payroll grown. Similar questions. (G-Tech does not conduct the drawings. The Texas Lottery does. G-Tech gets a percentage of sales and that percentage declined with their last contract. While things may be discussed behind closed doors and maybe even opposed, Larry King with G-Tech says whatever Linda Cloud wants him to say publicly. Always remember, you can juggle numbers to make them appear the way you want them to look. And you can fail to give some important data when it really should be known before rule adoptions. Much like what the payouts will actually be when the Texas Lottery adds those two draws to Cash 5 later this month. I honestly don't think the Commissioners knew how drastic the payouts were being reduced or they would've thought a little harder before adopting the rule changes. Since Texas 2 Step is another "failing" idea of Linda Clouds, this may be her way of insuring its success as sales are "jackpot & prize" driven. Since they are lowering the Cash 5 prizes so drastically, Cash 5 players may conceivably switch to Texas 2 Step. Though it would be a bad move on the players part, but never fear, they won't continue to play Texas 2 Step for long either - shoot the Texas 2 Step players themselves have been consistently quitting the game. We'll see over time. As far as how many new employees G-Tech has gained, I do not know. I do know, however, that they are moving one of their corporate divisions to Austin which will help Texas' economy.)

I've searched your site and I haven't found answers to above questions. (I hope I've answered them now.)

One thing I've learned in life is that everything happens for a reason. We know TLC is destroying the
lotto game just to make more money. (Yes, I agree with you. The Texas Lottery staff are followers, not leaders. Further, they are accountants & lawyers, not sales people. They are also Texans who have NEVER lost or spent one cent playing the games of Texas.)

GTECH says the other changes will mean more profit, but, maybe they are the ones who are enjoying the profits with more work, more employees, more benefits and more profits. (I think the Texas Lottery says this and G-Tech just supports their statements. Remember, G-Tech makes money from the Texas Lottery. Have you ever known an employee who didn't back his boss? Or a sales person who wasn't especially nice to his biggest customer? Do you recall that old phrase, "money is the root of all evil?" Also, the truth is, their profits are down due to slagging sales.)

Did you know that GTECH runs the Ohio lottery? GTECH recently sold them on the idea of going to 6 drawings per week with their Cash 5 of 37 game! (The lotteries ask G-Tech what other states do to increase their sales. Thus, the state follows suit with whichever idea they like best. Like right now, did you know that Texas is considering following California's idea of making our lotto game into a powerball type game just so they can get sales up and the way to get sales up is to create lots of losers first? Did you know that the majority of lottery revenue is generated within the state itself - that is - until there is a huge jackpot then people come in from everywhere to take a chance on playing. How fair is this to the local people?)

In Ohio, the Cash 5 jackpot is always $20,000! Wonder what it will be in Texas. (Good question!)

To end, you are no doubt an expert on the what's going inside the Texas lottery. Be interesting to see what you can come up with regarding GTECH's role in all the changes. Regards, Robert B

This is a question I receive quite regularly - so I'll leave it on this page too

To: < >
Subject: lottery dontations to Texas Education Fund

How do I find out what Texas is doing with the money going to them for education. All the sites I have read are very vague.

The money from the lottery is simply used to lessen the amount the state has to put in each year for the schools. You see, the amount the lottery brings in is a very small percentage of the schools yearly budget. The schools do not get "extra" money, they just get the same ole budgeted amount every year. It's like you owe somebody $100 but you find a $20 bill so now you only have to take $80 from you own pocket to pay the $100. It's the same principal.

Click here to read more.

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