Below are e-mails I've received
regarding the proposed changes to Lotto Texas.
"Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305"

Remember, we need written comments and I can't
do it by myself. I beg you, donate several hours
of your time and help me. Please print petitions
and get them signed. Recruit help. It's the
only way we can keep Lotto Texas like it is.
And it will work!

Your E-Mails

The next Commissioners hearing is set for Friday, May 12, 2000 at 8:30 am. They will meet at Lottery Headquarters in Austin. A decision should be made then as to what they will do.

Dawn, It amazes me! I just don't get it. Obviously I don't have a clue. No, I don't work for the Texas Lottery, but for a long time, I have been investing $10 a week in them. Before the Lottery came to Texas, we didn't have a lottery. Duh! Before the Lottery came to Texas, the state did not have those millions of extra dollars. (The Lottery folks don't understand "DUH", so I'll leave it out) History does repeat itself, so why in the world are these folks Lottery)trying to add four more balls? Just last fall, we, the people told them no. Didn't they recognize this as a clue, or did they just not get it? Attention Lottery employees and commissioners: So that you will know a little timely history, California and New York went bust on a deal like this. That should be a clue. And Florida, they have already made the mistake and are just now beginning to feel the repercussions of their increase of balls in their drawing. Obviously, you can tell by the tone of this e mail, I want to keep the ball set at 50. So, here are a couple of solution suggestions; Cut the losses; Get rid of Linda Cloud. She has no business being where she is, and I believe that an all-star team of village idiots from the smallest towns in Texas would produce a better job candidate to fill her position. I believe that we would experience a step up in quality. Secondly, get rid of GTech. There is plenty of competition out there that is respectable, credible, and has their clients interest at heart. Thirdly, "Governor Bush, WAKE UP". What is the matter with all those millions of dollars in profits that has come to the state. I think it's great, don't you? PLEASE DON'T MESS WITH THE GAME. The profits will continue to come. Dawn, those are my thoughts. Good Luck to you in your efforts to serve the sensible people of Texas. Putt F.

Dear Ms Kiplin, I am against increasing the number of ball to 54. I think it will decrease the total number of tickets sold on a yearly basis because it will take several weeks at low ticket sales to increase the jackpot to a level that will attract serious players. The better way to increase sales is through increased awareness to the players and with additional games. Take a look at the Illinois Lotto. They have 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 number games. Watch WGN evening news from Chicago 9PM CSDT. The drawings are live during a commercial break and are a lot more personable than the Texas drawings, plus you know when and where to view them. If the Texas Commission would purchase a 30 to 60 second time slot, every evening except Sunday, on the four major networks, ABC / CBS / FOX / NBC, at the same time, more players would see the drawings and take more interest plus they would have more confidence that the drawings are for real. Whatever method you use to increase sales, you need to make the players feel more involved. After all, it is their money that drive the jackpots. Once again, NO 4 MORE BALLS. Thanks for your time, Jim W.

Please do not do any further damage to our LOTTO by adding 4 more balls! This will alienate the LOTTO participants that play on a regular basis (like myself), & I believe you will see a drastic drop in participation in the base LOTTO drawings until the pot grows into the 20,000,000 range. I personally believe your change in advertising (by dropping most of your ads on television) has had a very adverse effect on the numbers. If you further decrease the chances of winning, and also eliminate those participants that use any of the published "systems" that revolve around a standard 50 ball base, your new LOTTO idea of 54 balls will have the effect of the proverbial "Lead Balloon". I would suggest that you review the advertising that was in effect when our LOTTO was in its peak periods, and endeavor to return to what was successful in the past. I will not participate in your 54 ball LOTTO, & I feel this is the reaction of the vast majority of Texans that have supported you over the years. Please remember, when you remove the hope of a possible win, we all lose!!! KEEP THE 50 BALL LOTTERY!! John A. R

Please keep up the fight to stop the 54 ball lotto. that is a big joke if
they think it will create more people playing the lotto. About 6 months ago I sent them an email asking why is there no live coverage of the pick 3 and cash 5 games. they said it was up to me to contact the stations to get it on. this is a joke. if they promote the drawings and make stations carry it more people would be interested and play. Currently you have to hunt and find the live lotto drawings. Channel 8 stopped showing them. this leads to thoughts of fixing the game. What they should do is increase the payment on the lotto. $3.00 for picking three #'s is too little. same for 4 and 5 #'s. Increase the amounts and more people will play. That one person that wants the 54 balls is not a dedicated lotto player to agree with this. I have been playing the lotto in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since the early 70's. They have no problem with people playing.

I just received this from Representative (name deleted) in reply to my email asking him to help us defeat this go round. I find it rather interesting that the people that represent us have no idea what the TLC is trying to do. Makes me wonder what else the TLC might have up their sleeves that isn't common knowledge. I'm not sure if he'd want it placed on your web site, but you might want to snip out a quote. No need to reply since I know you're snowed under with this thing. Just keep up the great job you're doing. Duane (Thanks for sending me his reply. While I'm not posting the responses from the Representatives, I do appreciate all of you sharing them with me. When the time comes, we many need them. Please keep forwarding them to me.)

Why increase the number of balls to 54 ? This drecreases the odds of a
winner. I think it is better to have many 4 million dollar winners that a fewer number of winners of greater dollar amounts. In addition I suggest that you lower your cost by cutting your staff of high paid executives that don't do anything but collect a salary.

Please try to stop the extra four balls from being added to the lottery. I
believe it is better to have more four million and up winners, than a few
large payout winners. This gives more people a chance to become millionaires. I don't buy tickets when the jackpot gets high because the chances of winning are so small. Sincerely, Rich M.

Dawn, Like I said six months ago, be on your guard. Maybe one solution would be to get rid of Kiplin, its worth a try. After all, the people of Texas own the Lottery. Maybe the lottery Commision need some new blood. Thanks, Sam D. Texarkana

I can't believe that the issue of adding 4 more balls to the Texas Lottery's Lotto Texas Pick 6 game is coming up again. It seems we just had to deal with it a few months ago. I was very happy when Lottery officials changed their minds and left the game as it was. Please tell Ms. Cloud and all the other Lottery officials that I am happy, and everyone I know who I've discussed this with at work and at the bingo hall, is happy with the 50 ball game. I'd be very ecstatic if I won even $3 million dollars! If I want to play for huge amounts, I usually buy Powerball tickets when I go to Louisiana on the way to the gambling boats. It would also be nice if Texas could join the Powerball game, along with all the other states already in it, or maybe Texas could create a separate Texas Powerball game of their own (it would sure beat the Texas Million game, which I notice that the large pots almost never get won!)... Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents worth.... I WANT THE TEXAS LOTTERY GAME LEFT AS IS...PLEASE DON'T ADD 4 MORE BALLS! Thanks and have a great day! Debbie F (Future Lottery Millionaire, ha, ha) (Well, maybe.... some psychics told me so....)

NO, do not add 4 balls to lotto! It's hard enough to get your money back now. If you add 4 balls, I will never play again. Eddie D.

NO to the changes! I will stop playing Texas Lotto if the rules change as proposed. The odds of winning the jackpot increase from 15.8M to 25.8M. The change may mean bigger jackpots, but it will also mean less jackpot winners. The perception the Lotto Commission is projecting here is they want the residents of Texas to pay more but win fewer jackpots. There may be more (smaller) prizes. I do not play to wins small prizes. I play to win the jackpot. I will definitely stop playing if this change takes place

Dear Ms Kiplin, I have read the information provided for the public at the website and fully agree that we should NOT increase the number of balls to change the way the Lotto game is played now, i.e., 50 balls, six drawn 6 out of 6 win with the odds of winning at 15MM+:1 compared to the Lottery Commission's suggestion of increasing the number of balls to 54 and making the odds of winning 25MM+:1.I also believe if the sales staff at the Lottery Commission were increased sales would go up to justify continuing with the games, in any form. Thank You. C. Alan P. Cypress

I thought a few months back the lotto commission had discarded this idea. At that time I e-mailed my objections to the proposal making it much harder to have a chance. I haven`t missed a drawing in all these years that includes a number of tickets on every drawing and the best I`ve done is maybe having four numbers 8-9 times so as you can see I need to hit the big one to just get even. Won`t say that if you change the numbers I won`t ever buy a ticket but I will quit playing a number of tickets on every drawing and maybe pick up some when it reaches a large level. This will just leave my wife and me more on our trips to Vegas. Am hoping that once again you rethink this idea and put it to rest once and for all. As for someone`s suggestion it was being hit too often,(3 or 4 times straight), that is just a streak and has already gone back to it`s usual fluctuation. Just the luck of the
draw! John M. H. Lubbock, Tx.

Do not add 4 balls to Lotto Texas. I will most definitely quit playing if this is done!!!!! Re: Proposed AMENDMENT 16 TAC SECTION 401.305 Frankie W.

If it is up to our dear governor Bush you can forget about the lotto all together. He did not want it in the first place because it take money out of the "rich" man's pocket and that is all that matters to him as long as he gets his pockets padded. The economy right now is way too good and when people are making good salaries they blow their monies on stuff they don't need and forget about the lottery. I, on the other hand, play each week hoping that one day my ship will come in because I don't make a good salary. The Lottery Commission does not care what the players of Texas want as long as they are collecting their padded pockets. Why don't they but casino gaming back on the docket? Nothing stays the same so all we can do is complain. The commission has spent taxpayers money going around to the Texas cities asking the public "what do you think about the proposed changes", knowing full well their minds were made up. I am not writing to all these people cause it will serve no purpose. Robin

NO NO NO NO NO Debbie D.

To whom it my concern, "Re: Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305" I am against adding 4 balls to the lottery. As it is it's hard to win and more balls would only make it harder. I am firmly against it. Thank you. Ojimenez

I'll keep sending the information to friends I know here in Texas. These
people don't have the slightest idea how stupid their idea of adding 4
balls will be. It'll kill ticket sales. I've read all your information
and you have the right idea I think about how they should attack the
sales slump. You're doing a great job. Diane

Why are you proposing changing lotto to make it more difficult to win. Why not give out smaller jackpots and increase chances of winning?????? You people just don't get it do you????? Also stop wasting money on those stupid radio commercials. That money should be used for winnings not wasted on paying millions to some advertising company to up with ridiculous commercials.

Don't know how you got my email address, but I'm glad you did.
And, I'm glad to see someone else out there sees the whole lotto
organization as bureaucratic bull shitters, and not paying attention to the
people of Texas want.

As I have stated previously, We need to get more winners, not less! I would be more inclined to play if I had a better chance to win 2 or 3 million dollars than to have less odds to win 5 million or more dollars!! I think you are going entirely in the wrong direction with your proposal of 54 balls instead of the 50 balls presently used. If a person wins 2 or 3 million dollars and invest the money correctly, they can live an enjoyable life and if they are going to just blow the money, then will blow 50 million dollars just as easy as 3 million dollars. Therefore, we need to make more people's lives more enjoyable and stay at 50 balls or reduce the number of balls.... Sincerely, Jerry G.

I agree with you 100%. The lottery needs to be left alone.Who cares about the "real big prizes". I would like the lottery much better if one winner every night got a hundred thousand rather than one winner in ten days gets a million. This way there would be more winners. More winners is what it should be. The so called millions are usually eaten away by taxes and crazed spending. Make the jackpots reasonable not astronomical. Yes it is nice to contemplate 50 million in one drawing. But it is more realistic and FUN to see more people win the type of cash that could be useful without changing your entire life dramatically. Don't go to 54 numbers or any other combination. Leave the lottery alone as it is. Turk, San Antonio TX

Please do not mess with or change our lotto. I thought that we went through this several months ago. I like it the way it is and will stop playing it if you go ahead with the proposed Amendments. The public
outcry should have been enough to put this issue to rest. Thanks
Bill P

Dawn, .... I will do what I can to help you/protest the lotto, but, like I said earlier, I think I will just quit playing. So far I am on the negative side of winning. And have been playing since they first started. Good luck in your endeavors. Phil

I agree that this is a big mistake....the lawmakers have their hand in the cookie jar and are putting pressure on the lottery for more money....They think this will produce greater payoffs and therefore more interest...WRONG....I was a practicing accountant for years and have tracked the numbers and winners...the problem, as I see it, is the fact that they don't advertise it enough, with winners, hoopla, etc. to create the interest...I, for one, will not play the lottery if the change is
made...the odds are great enough as it is...look at the Texas Million for Friday night....this is a pure loser for anyone plunking down $2.00...kiss it goodbye.... Solution....more winners, more advertising and promotion, more hoopla...that's how any business grows...increase the payoff in the lower numbers....i.e., 3 numbers will pay out $ I will have an incentive to play $10.00 each Wednesday and Saturday....right now, if I am near the store that I buy lottery tickets from, and think about it, I buy $5.00 worth....otherwise, I don't care what the payoff might be....Tell the legislature to leave this thing alone and promote it like any successful business....

You should not add additional balls making it more difficult to win Lotto. You should increase the chances of winning. If you did so, you would increase your customer numbers by far. The way you are lready doing it is "taxing the ignorant."

Question: Is there an easier way to get the Gov. Bush e mail address without going through the link given? Wouldn't matters also be helped if a consultant who really has succeeded at big time gambling supervision be brought in? The current staff seems to have good resumes, excellent academic and personal qualifies, but they don't seem to understand running a big time gambling operation. Why not bring in someone
from Vegas, Baden Baden, Garmisch, Monaco? The government run gambling set ups in Germany are highly profitable AND THEY GIVE BETTER ODDS TO THE PLAYERS! Why not ask them how they do it?

Dear Lottery, Please do not add 4 ball to the lottery. Thank you, Frank E. C

Here you go again. Leave the lotto game at 50 balls, not 54....Do not add. Can't you find a way to improve the lotto without screwing up that you have. (classic case of thowing the baby out with the bathwater). I spend $17 per drawing (twice weekly, that's apprx $1650/annually); I should be investing that money elsewhwere anyway, and I will if you change the 6 number drawing. Change it and I will not play - it's that simple. Yes, you can do without my $$, but there will be an overwhelming abandonment of that game. Surely there is someone in your organization smart enough and imaginative enough to come up with something new (if that's what you want) without sacrificing the only good lotto game I play. Moreover, I'm getting tired of continously trying to keep alive the only game I bet on; you people just don't get it - you will kill it. Go ahead, The State Congress (via the commission) should fire the entire lot of lotto incompetents and surely heads will roll from this insanity. don s.

Dear Ms. Kiplin: I am writing to voice my opinion on the Lotto. I do not think going to 54 will be beneficial. It will put the odds too far out for some to be interested. I, for instance, would never play, because I like to try and calculate
the number set. What could possibly be beneficial is a sort of low-cost training
program for counter clerks, etc. Perhaps public perception could be modified as well. I oppose changes to the Texas Lotto. Sincerely, Nathan F

I am against it. The odds are too high as it is. However, I spend almost $1,000.00 per year on lottery tickets and if you go to 54 balls, I will stop playing Texas lotto and spend my $1,000.00 on out-of state games or on-line casinos. I only play lotto. I do not play scratch offs - winning cannot change your life. Texas million is a confusing hokey game that totally turns me off. Cash 5 is again too small to be worth it. Pick 3 is too small to even consider. But all these games dilute the finite money pool available for the lotto.People only have so much to play with. Kill everything but lotto and lotto sales will rise...... Ed Z. Temple

NO NO NO !!! Do NOT add 4 more balls to the Lotto drawing.. !!!! RAH

I have been playing the lotto since its inception. I have never missed a single week. I spend on the average $15 per week. I know it is ridiculous but I play by a formula and if the odds are changed my formula goes down the drain, therefore, I would probably quit playing. The canadian lottery gives 60% of its revenue toward the prize money whereas Texas just gives 50%. Why not leave the odds and the number of balls the same and increase the jackpot some by giving a slightly larger revenue share. The Texas Lotto is one of the most sucessful ones in the USA. I believe that if you mess with the fundamental odds in order to attract larger participation that you are going to mess up a good thing. It may have slowed a little but its not broken so why fix it. I vote for not changing anything and you might consider just changing the revenue share from 50% to 60%. I believe that you would be supprised as to how much it would increase the total revenue. The population of Texas in general are pretty well informed. about it. If you were
spending anywhere from $500. to $2000. per year, which sceniro would you
rather have?

Too many games, too many scratch off's and decreasing the odds continuously is not the way to increase sales.

I can certainly understand the State wanting to make more from Lotto. But so do the people. Increasing the odds so that fewer win bigger prizes is not the answer. If any thing I believe sales would increase if there were more winners not less. The more games you enter into the picture, the more the cash is going to be spread around. I am sure that sales increase dramatically when the Lotto dollar figure rises but the fact is most people are only going to budget so much a week. If they
spend extra on the lotto, they buy less scratch off's. Speaking of scratch off's it seems to me that several dozen being out at once is not the answer either. But that is not question at hand. The question is whether or not more numbers should be added to the Lotto and my answer is NO! krsjr

Dawn, Thank you for your email to myself and hopefully everyone regarding adding 4 balls to the lotto. I applaud your efforts and will do as many of the things you requested to support the lotto as it is. Harry W.

Thank you so much. for your email. I also wanted you to know that I contacted the Texas lotto Corp last week and raised hell about the lame idea of adding 4 balls. I told them to remove 4 balls if they want more revenue. I told them to draw until they have a winner so we could have 104 new Texas millionaires per year. I really could care less if I win 24 million or 2 million. If you know how to manage money you could be wealthy for life on just 2 million!!! Oh well...just my opinion.

Dear Dawn, Thanks for the information. I have a number of forms out on the NO MORE BALLS! When do you need the forms? Don (The hearing is April 19 but they can't rule until the 30th of April. I can do a last minute fax to get the count up if I still have petitions..)

In order to increase sales of lottery tickets, TLC needs to increase the chances of winning and increase the size of prizes at all levels. TLC should decrease overhead and administrative COSTS long before EVEN THINKING OF ADDING NUMBERS and LESSENING CHANCES and prizes. Maybe TLC should even take a period of lesser profits in order to make the lottery more attractive to players. TLC should hire an experienced supervisor of gambling and lottery
operations, not just the degreed accountants, lawyers, statisticians, etc.,
who at this time just don't seem "to get it". Get someone who knows how to give the public what it needs (big prizes, increased chances) and still give the state sufficient monetary return. The government- run gambling casinos of Germany give that government big profits but still give better odds and bigger payoffs than Vegas. And you know how profitable gambling casinos are in Vegas. People will flee from the Texas Lottery if you increase the numbers. Again, TLC must better the odds for players, not worsen them! RHTx

Dawn, I sent out four e-mails today: Bush, Perry, Laney, and Kiplin.I also sent e-mails to my relatives in Texas who have computers (nieces & nephews), asking them to join the fight. Time's running short, but I'm with you! This needs to be done. Don

I have been a lotto player every week since it's inception if you change to 54 numbers count me out in the future.

I believe that if the population wants to play with more balls they will play texas million. I personally don't know anyone that plays Texas Million. Change the pot on lotto if you must, but do not add additional numbers.

I am saying NO! to the idea of adding 4 more balls to the Texas Lottery. I have been a SERIOUS fan of the Texas lotto since its inception, and I realize that the odds of winning are very much against the lotto player(approx 1 chance in 16,000,000). Adding more balls would "kill it" for me. Keep the lotto the way it is and add a little more dollars to the lower tier prizes...That would really make it "take off" again.Roger

Kimberly, Most of us playing the lottery play a set amount of money each week. As you already know, the odds of winning are terrible at best and you want to make them worse. At work, we play a set amount, win or lose. I am against adding 4 numbers to the lottery. Thanks, Don H. PS. I would the names of anybody who would want the odds to get worse.

Dear Dawn:
I've contacted the following folks regarding Amend.16 Tac Section 401.305: Mr. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov.; Ms. Harriet Miers, Comm.; Mr. Sadberry, Comm.; Ms. Kimberly Kiplin, Gen Council. Kindly, Roger G. M.

I just thought you might like to read what the Express News (San Antonio) had to say about you and the changes. It is on the web. SR

Heard about a possible retail strike on 92.5 FM this morning. Also read it on WFAA & Houston Chronicle web sites. Your name's being tossed around as instigator. NICE GOING FEARLESS LEADER ! from: GE

Dear Ms. Nettles: I read the article in DMN featuring you and your report and would like to e-mail the Commission with my feelings against the proposed changes. I buy on occasion your report and have enjoyed it for several years. Actually I still have one of the first issues. So, if you could help me with the e-mail address, I will send them my 2 cents worth. Also you have my permission to use my name on any protest list regarding lotto changes. Thanks, Jim W.

... I'm very very proud of you for putting yourself on the front line for abuse from the commission. This is not as much of a 'no brainer' as we would like to think. I had two petitions for you, and somebody {unknown} walked away with the nearly full one at a garage sale. People just can't seem to make the connection between past commission mistakes, this thing, and the impact on themselves as tax payers.Gerry

Thanks for letting me know of the changes. I have sent a load of letters to the list of officials that came with your report. Allan

Perhaps one method of increasing lottery sales is that for each $5 purchase of lotto tickets you can purchase insurance for $1 to pay the Federal Income Taxes on your winnings in the event you win the lottery. Just a little different approach! TCMG2

Thanks for your E-Mail on It is a shame when we elect state officials to represent us they do not look into the "little things" like the extra profits that Lotto is draining from the people of Texas. Some months ago, I read where Lotto had hired an ex state employee to lobby the state for Lotto. I think his salary was over a million Closer to two million dollars a year. If lotto can afford to pay large salaries like this I feel that they are already making a sufficient amount money to carry on a lucrative business. The State should know the total number of tickets sold including scratch off tickets. I think the state should publicize the
total number of tickets sold, the percentage paid to the state and the percentage paid out to winners, also their lotto expenses. That way we would be able to voice our opinions when we want to do. Thanks again. I will try to do my part. Bob W

I wrote in against the changes and my mail came back. B N Galveston

I have already written them explaining the scientific reasons why the extra 4 balls will make no difference in the rate of winning. I have also written them regarding the proposal to lower the initial jackpot to $3 million. Ted P (So this and the next message will make sense to you, these emails were responses to the email I sent out to everyone.)

Dawn: Thank you very much for the information. I'll visit your site and then give them a message. I gave them a message last time, and I guess it helped. Thanks,
Arch A. B. Duncan, Oklahoma

If the State of Texas adds four more numbers to the Lotto Texas, I will cut my lotto play spending by 66%!!! I have been playing the same six numbers every Wednesday and Saturday for seven years along with three to five quick picks lines per drawing. I will cut back to one single line per drawing if they add the additional four numbers!!! Frankly, I'm tired of not winning anything as it is now. I haven't even won three dollars in the last five months!!! I don't care if people from other states want to play; let them play in their own state. Just sign me; AN UNHAPPY TEXAN ! Sincerely, James A. W., Killeen, TX

I will definitely help as I did the last time. We won once and can do it again. My message was clear: DON'T MESS WITH (Lotto) TEXAS! Crowbar

I have seen the newspaper/tv reports on the proposed changes. I did not like the idea before and was very happy to see it killed. Now it raises its head again. My suggestions before were - 1. Eliminate texas million - Who can pick 4 numbers
out of 100 anyway. I have a hard time feeling it is making a profit. (Actually, it probably does make a profit because people don't win it very often!That's why I'm against it - it's too difficult to win.) 2. Cut the numbers of cash 5 to 35. The jackpots are really down. Increase the percent that goes to non-5 winners. The bigger payoff to more people, should increase the sales. 3. Decrease (not increase) the number of numbers in texas lotto. Increase percentage to non-6 winners. Less Numbers - better chances. Non increase better payoff to non winners. I think the numbers should be decreased to 48. 4. Get the retailers to sell the product as they do other items in their stores. I very, very seldom get asked to purchase lotto tickets, while I do get asked if I need something they are trying to push. I play some type of lotto every day. I do not play the 4 balls because of the odds. If 54 balls is implemented, there comes another one I won't play. Jim E. - San Antonio

Are you people crazy or just not getting the message. Leave the game the way it is. Of course, fewer people will win with more balls which also means fewer people will play too!!!! Leave the games alone unless you can make them easier to win. Jeff W

The Lottery Commission should wake up and smell the roses or coffeee or whatever. The Lotto has lost participants because of all the scratch-off games!! Most people have a set amount they gamble with. If they spend $5 on scratch-offs, that's $5 less that they spend on Lotto tickets. Cut the scratch-offs and leave the Lotto as is. Regards, Jim H

Count my wife and I as against the proposal. We think more winners with possibly smaller jackpots would be better. John E. & Mable G. P.

Are you deaf or just really don't care what we want? We told you in great numbers to leave the lotto the way it is. We don't want our odds worse then they are now. If you add more balls, I will quit playing. Connie S.

You would think the people at the Texas Lottery would learn their lessons by now. If they think they can mess with the lottery and the people that buy the tickets, they are STILL wrong! If they mess it up by changing, the people will not come back.
READ MY LIPS, lottery officials. Do not mess with the lotto. Btims

Thank you for the note. I support the change because then I will quit this hopeless game. Ken G.

Dear Sirs: I do not want to have Lotto Texas changed in any way. I currently buy
many tickets, but will decrease that number if the odds of winning the jackpot decreases. - Pam K.

First of all, thank you for letting me know again about the possible change again in the Texas Lottery from 50 to 54 balls. By now, you should have received the messages that I sent to each and everyone that you mentioned, plus to some that wasn't mentioned. I sent them to you as Bcc:. If I had "Don O" E-mailed address, I would have sent him an E-mail that stated "Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I have one for you as well as a suggestion for you: "If you want to play a lottery game that has Power Ball, move to one of those Yankee States that already has it. Leave Texas alone. As my dad always told me, if it isn't broke, don't mess with it. Charlie J, PROUD TEXAN." Keep up the fight.

This email sent to everyone mentioned here on my site plus to: Honorable Phil Gramm & Kay Bailey Hutchison. As for myself, I have to ask you this question "Is the Lottery Commission and Kimberly Kiplin nuts?" Why mess with something that already works? I have played the "Pick 6" lottery weekly ever since it came into being. I have picked the same five sets of numbers for each Wednesday and Saturday drawing, and sometimes I even get a quick pick. If they change the "Pick 6" from 50 to 54 balls, I will not play it anymore. So you can kiss my $10.00 a week good-bye. Charlie J

Ms. Kiplin: It is my understanding that there is a request that 4 more balls be added to the lotto again. I wish to express that I am against this, as I was before. It is my sincere opinion that this addition would do more harm than good. I ask you to reconsider the addition of the 4 balls. Richard W. I.

Please LEAVE OUR BALLS ALONE ! The Texas Lotto is fine the way it is. Removing prize money, reducing winners, etc. is not what the players want. Any changes will only further reduce sales. Regards, Ronald S. E.

Adding more numbers will not increase participation; there are a certain number who will play, anyway, and these buy more tickets when the pot gets larger. I have said before, and I see no reason to change my mind, that reducing the scratch-offs to about five, and phasing out all but the original Lotto, will be the only salvation for our lottery. I hope it fails; gambling by government is a disgrace. Betty H.

Dawn, I have taken the petition to my Beauty Salon and everyone there is more than willing to sign it. I will mail it to you as soon as it's full. I tried to email Gov. Bush and the others, but couldn't seem to get to their email address. Please feel free to forward my email to anyone else you feel if necessary. Maybe you have some direct addresses. I will make the phone calls you suggested though. Thanks. Marti

To Mr. Don O
. I have INCREASED my spending for Cash 5 and DECREASED spending for the Lotto game.....Why? I'd rather have $20 plus, rather than the three little dollars Lotto pays for matching 3 numbers. It is as simple as, I play to win SOMETHING and to increase the odds AGAINST winning will lessen my enthusiasm even more for Lotto.... I now play 2 games of Lotto every drawing, replacing the 10-20 I played for years. The size of the jackpot is not a consideration for me, I know my odds.......It is the winning of money!! As in any gambling with such high odds, winning SOME MONEY is important, stimulating, and keeps one playing anticipating a big win. YES, I CAN AFFORD IT !! It comes from my designated entertainment budget for the week!! I can only speak for myself, a consistant loyal player since the Lottery began. Shirley

Ms. Kiplin, My answer to your proposed changes of the Lotto Texas game is NO. This will not create excitement if you change our chances from 1:15 Million to 1:25 Million. It absolutely makes no sense. The reason that sales are lagging is that people are realizing that 1:15 Million is an almost unreachable goal. If you tell us that it IS unreachable, can you actually expect us to get excited about that? And, the larger pots for 3/6, 4/6, and 5/6 -- well, big deal! Will that little bit get anyone out of debt and make their life easier? I don't think so. Could you reach your dreams with that? Of course not, yet this is what people are counting on if they win. You may think you have figured out how to get people's attention in this State of Texas, but it is doubtful that the kind of attention you will be getting will be favorable. No one I have talked to agrees that this will be a good move for us. Only for the Lottery Commission, if anyone, would profit at all. And, we all think you are getting more than your fair share as it is. This is lightly called "the idiot tax", but do you really think we are idiots? Absolutely not. I've have a lottery pool going for the past 6 years with 20 people, each spending $10 each per game. These people have said that if this changes, we'll quit! Just buy our one ticket and be done with it. "Won't win anyway" is the general consensus. You be the judge! Thank you, Margaret T

Hi, I think they should leave the lottery like it is. Or make it a little easier to win. No one needs more than four million dollars. I would like it if they reduced it to one million and had only four numbers. we could use a few more millionaires in Texas. Thanks Wanda R.

Adding four Balls to Texas Lotto will not increase the sales or profit for Texas, quite the contrary, I believe it will decrease the over all sales. The trick is in advertising and giving better incentives to the individual stores and retailers that promote/sale the tickets. Please do not allow the proposal to go through to add or change the Texas lotto. Sincerely, Wes C

Well they really do have S--- FOR BRAINS!!! I don't want to play this stupid game every 6 months so if they are gonna do it... just get it over with and they can take their NEW GAME and 4 BALLS and stick um you know where!! The local TV stations don't want to air the drawings and it just ain't fun no more! Lark

Leave the Lotto as is. It seems to me that the Lotto should be considered as a service to the people of the state. Until the State loses income why change it? As long as money is made for the government, it'll be spent, whatever amount it represents, and there is no reason to continually try to ruin our Lottery in an effort to raise more income for the politicians to spend. Karl S.

We do not need to make it any harder to win the lotto, we need to spread the winning around . Almost 75% of the winning tickets are in the southern part of the state and those of us in the northern part of the state are getting tired of making them rich while we get nothing!!!! You need to find a way to even out the areas of winners to cover the entire state not just a part of it. I used to spend about 20.00 per week on lotto now I only spend $ 8.00 per week .I've played from day one and the most I have won is $125.00, not a very good deal is it? I'll start to play more when I see that more people are really winning, and not just the southern part of the state either, as long as most of the winners are from southern Texas and not all over Texas I'll only play $8.00 per week or less. Kathy S

Dear Ms. Kiplin, I find it hard to believe that you feel interest will be stimulated by increasing the odds of winning, as if 1 in 15, 800,000 odds aren't high enough already. The increased interest may bring in more players, but there is also the likelihood that more non-Texans will win as more people in the surrounding states are drawn in to play. In addition, $4,000,000.00 "ain't chicken feed (even after taxes). It seem to me that I'd rather see a different winner every week or so than have to spend my dollars and then watch the pot grow with no winners for weeks on end, only to have a huge pot go to one individual. Spread the wealth around. Why not do away with the useless games like Millionaire and Pick 5. When there is no winner in those games, the pot is all kept by the State, thus making it less advantageous to the players. I say NO to 54 balls. Leave our Lotto alone! Dennis M Lubbock, Tx (Just so there is no confusion here... the Cash5 money is paid to the 4 of 5 winners if there is no 5 of 5 winner.)

Ms. Kiplin, I responded with a resounding "NO" to this proposal just a short 6 months ago, and am doing so again. I do not play the lottery on a regular basis, and it is not because of the size of the jackpot. I feel the chances of winning are already way to slim, and by adding four more balls it practically doubles my chances of losing, and I certainly do not want to be competing with people from out of state trying to win these "huge" jackpots that would result if 4 more balls were added. Jolene T

Yes, I would like to help. Tell me how I can help. I tried to pull the up and did not get it. I will keep trying, but help me if you can. EW. (You may need to change your browser settings or you may even need to add / before the address.)

I wrote the e-mail address, and said NO!! Do not add 4 more balls to the lottery. But your copy of the e-mail came back, so I am sending it this way. Thanks for the information.

Hello, Again I write to you to voice my opposition to the proposed changes to the lottery. I play the lottery to win the millions, not 3, 80 or 1500 dollars. I buy tickets for every drawing and have since day one. I think the problem with the lottery is too many games. Let's do away with pick 3, pick 5 and Texas million before we make it more difficult to win the jackpot. I will probably not continue to purchase tickets if you add four more balls and make it much more difficult to win. Thank you. Billy B. Lufkin, Texas

As a Texan who has played the lotto since the day it began I can tell you that if the number of balls is increased I WILL NOT PLAY AGAIN. If you are trying to get new people to play then get better PR people. Your ads have become a joke! Secondly, are we, the people, going to have to do this every six months to try to keep our lotto the way it is. This is ridiculous! A Message to the Texas Lottery NO, NO, NO ... Don't Add 4 Balls ... Don't Mess With Lotto Texas! Carlos D. L

Stop Messing with the LOTTO. If you think sales are down now wait till you add 4 more balls More People will stop playing. You're not thinking. WE are thinking and know You are purposely making it less attractive to players. Al L.

I am against adding any additional balls to the Texas State Lottery. I have not missed a drawing in over seven years, but I will quit playing if the odds of winning, although now staggering, are diminished. Thanks. JLM

I'm with you. Thanks for your efforts. cliff

NO to Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305. Shirley

"Re: Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305" I am against adding 4 balls to the lottery. As it is it's hard to win and more balls would only make it harder. I am firmly against it. Thank you. Ojimenez

If it is up to our dear governor Bush you can forget about the lotto all together. He did not want it in the first place because it take money out of the "rich" man's pocket and that is all that matters to him as long as he gets his pockets padded. The economy right now is way too good and when people are making good salaries they blow their monies on stuff they don't need and forget about the lottery. I, on the other hand, play each week hoping that one day my ship will come in because I don't make a good salary. The Lottery Commission does not care what the players of Texas want as long as they are collecting their padded pockets. Why don't they put casino gaming back on the docket? Nothing stays the same so all we can do is complain. The commission has spent taxpayers money going around to the Texas cities asking the public "what do you think about the proposed changes", knowing full well their minds were made up. I am not writing to all these people cause it will serve no purpose. Robin

Dear Ms Kiplin, I have read the information provided for the public at the website and fully agree that we should NOT increase the number of balls to change the way the Lotto game is played now, i.e., 50 balls, six drawn 6 out of 6 win with the odds of winning at 15MM+:1 compared to the Lottery Commission's suggestion of increasing the number of balls to 54 and making the odds of winning 25MM+:1. I also believe if the sales staff at the Lottery Commission were increased sales would go up to justify continuing with the games, in any form. Thank You C. Alan P.

Please try to stop the extra four balls from being added to the lottery. I believe it is better to have more four million and up winners, than a few large payout winners. This gives more people a chance to become millionaires. I don't buy tickets when the jackpot gets high because the chances of winning are so small. Sincerely, Rich M

We need less balls, not more. Let's spread the prize among more winners and create more sales in doing so. James R.

Hi Ms. Kiplin, I was one of the individuals who collected signatures a short 6 months ago to dissuade y'all from furthering Ms. Clouds' assinine proposal. Guess what? Not a stinking thing has changed. Increasing my odds from 15,000,000 + to 28,000,000+ will surely drive me away. At this point I almost wish you would do it so the people of this great state will stop playing, then maybe The Commission will be reminded just where the money comes from, and stop re-running this stupid idea every time we players let our guard down. You may infer I'm just a little upset at having to expend the time and energy all over again to get through to some bureaucrat that her proposal 1.) HAS NOT WORKED ELSEWHERE 2.) IS NOT WHAT IS WANTED BY THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY THIS GAME 3.) WILL NOT BAIL OUT THE TEXAS MILLION FIASCO (bag this loser) Please do not encourage this foolishness, in fact please discourage,discredit, and discard her proposal of adding 4 balls, heck, her along with it. sincerely, Guy W.

Why complain that you had four (six) winners in a row. I thought the idea was to have winners. Now you have gone with no winners in the last seven or so draws. Stop complaining and have some winners now. What you should do is have winners every draw if no one gets the six numbers then the money should be divided up with the five number winners like in Cash 5. Do not go to the added numbers as I for one will stop playing. I should anyway as I never have won anyway. The added numbers will not produce more winners as no one can win with what you have now. DO NOT GO TO THE ADDED NUMBERS. Joining powerball will not give you added revenue as you think. It will just not work and you will be losing alot of lotto players. More than you think. John M

A Comment for Don O's letter..."if those jackpots get bigger people from all over the country will play and add to those revenue's." The word here is "if". I for one will not be one of those people that make the jackpot higher because I won't be playing. Nan

I wrote to the Lotto commission when they tried this before and was told they would leave the Texas Lotto alone. As a Texan who has played the lotto since the day it began I can tell you that if the number of balls is increased I WILL NOT PLAY AGAIN. If you are trying to get new people to play then get better PR people. Your ads have become a joke! Secondly, are we, the people, going to have to do this every six months to try to keep our lotto the way it is. This is ridiculous! A Message to the Texas Lottery NO, NO, NO ... Don't Add 4 Balls ... Don't Mess With Lotto Texas! TT

If it weren't for your web site, I would not have known that they were trying to add 4 balls to the lotto again. I think the people have a right to know about these changes before they are made and the Lottery should make every effort to communicate their proposed changes to the players. Which they have not done. I think we should vote on it. I will not support the games if they increase the number of balls to 54. I'll take my money to Louisana or the Indian reservations. Karen in Galveston

HEY!! Just tell them, that if they change to 54 balls, our money will go out of the state to buy lottery from NY or Mass, or Connecticutt,or
wherever.But for us, it will be the same to play in TX 54 power ball (very bad idea on 5 / 54 and 1 / 54) that to play anywere in the US.
However, if TX lottery stays 6/50 and with jacpot from 4 to 75 millions... it will be OK and our money will stay in Texas.PLEASE, DO NOT CHANGE IT TO 54 BALLS... OR OUR MONEY WILL GO OUT OF THE STATE. Rodolfo M. N

After reading about the proposed changes in Lotto Texas, I am very suspicious about the quality of the statistical and polling data collected for the commission. Now the game is simple and, while winning is a very long shot, the rewards are easily understood. The Texas Millions fiasco should let you know that more Complicated games don't work in Texas. The doubling of the odds against winning the big prize are understood by all of us. Really, do you think that Lotto players play for the lower payouts?? Just the fact that sales increase with higher jackpots bolsters the argument that the jackpot is the reason for playing. As for the higher jackpots with more numbers. I am among the many sustaining players of the Lotto. I play the same amount every drawing, whether the pot is large or small. I do not intend to play at all if the four balls are added. If a substantial number of sustaining players, like me, stop playing with lower jackpots, won't that cause a much slower increase in the size of the pot???? Do what you want, but if Lotto is changed to 54 balls, I will not play. Darrel B

Dawn, I want you to know that I have printed your petitions and will get at least 200 signatures. You can count on having it by the end of next week. I plan to fax the petitions to Governor Bush before mailing them to you. For the record, tell the Lottery if they make this change, I will never buy another ticket in Texas. It may not be missed by lottery officials but I'll know it and everyone I know will know it too. Sales will be down because they won't have my money in the pot. Thanks for all you do for Texans. Brenda F. Plano

Dawn, lets forget trying to stop them this time. instead lets let them do it and watch them fall. maybe we will get management with brains next time. jon b. dallas p.s.I forgot to say DON'T ADD 4 BALLS.

Dawn, It think it's time they got rid of Linda Cloud. She's not right for the job. Her ideas are bad, she doesn't listen to the people of Texas. Do NOT add 4 balls I say again. This is the last time I will tell you, I don't play the lotto to win $5. I want better chances to win the BIG jackpots and if you take that away from me, I will quit playing. George. Austin

To Everyone at the Texas Lotto Commission: I VOTE NO to 54 BALLS! Respectfully yours, Julia Ann M. (This is the only email like this that I am going to post. I just want you to know this is all that is necessary to say to stop them - we just need thousands of them!)

Just like government, you say you will leave our games alone then you come right back and try to change them. If you add 4 balls, you will lose my $20 per lotto drawing. Jack C. San Antonio

Hi, what's up with this? It SOUNDS LIKE there are to many hands in the cookie jar!!! It's already CONTROL how you win on scratches offs. When sales are down to far on the scratch offs what do you do? hum? Let me see! Maybe its time for them to win some money on the scratch off`s so our sales will go back up and now you are doing it again with the lottery. You say it's because your chances would be better odds at winning more money, for who, we, the people that buy these tickets are for this office so you can put more hands in the cookie jar. The machines post an estimated amount when you buy a lottery ticket for that drawing but its never posted the exact to the penny amount of actual take in so their for once again its controlling. It sounds like their are to many bosses and chiefs putting their hands in the cookie jar to replace what is misplaced. Maybe this is the same club I belong to. It's called funsalow { funds are low } but I always like to take a chance at winning money but if your odds are less then they are now, I won`t take a chance of buying a lottery ticket. I will take my money else where {other states} you would have a better chance than you do here in Texas. Jeannette

I read in Friday's Star-Telegram 03/10/2000, that the TX Lottery Commission is gearing up to try their tricks again!!!! For goodness sake, this industry is already taking in over a "Bazillion" dollars per year, lol !!!!! I think it's just a cycle...I would have to level off at some point (re: ticket sales overall)...maybe even drop, temporarily...everything else works in cycles...IMO (In My Opinion). Hope you will keep us informed on the goings on...Do you think they're going
to listen to anybody this time??? Or will they just "DO IT" even with our complaints. Well, I'd better go...this was supposed to be just a short note. Take care and tell them WE DON"T WANT MORE NUMBERS, nor do we want lower start amts.and/or rollover increases. I don't think it's sales that are dipping, in my opinion, I think it's their Dipping into the funds for this, that & whatever comes into their minds that's actually affecting the bottom line here...I could be wrong here but that's JMHO (just my honest opinion). JC Ft. Worth

I am a Texas Lottery player. I am totally against changing the Lotto to 54 balls. I'm sure that my purchases alone do not make a significant impact on income for the state. If the proposed changes should become fact, I will make NO purchases at all for the Lotto. This would result in a further decrease in income, however small. I don't feel that the proposed changes are in the best interests of the state or the players. Thank you, Duane L. S

Hey Dawn!! I have read your reasons as to why the Lotto is screwed up and sales declining. I agree with just about everything that you pointed out. I have a few observations of my own that I will point out. First of all, when the Lotto first started it was a new thing in Texas and people cound not get enough of it. Sales soared as people explored this new get rich quick possibility. After a while, when all of the hoop-lah wore off and people realized just how slim the odds were in their favor they cut back accordingly and within their financial budgets. This cutback occured due to a common sense realization that while it was exciting to play the games, the odds were that the chance of winning was slim at best. The cutback increased when the Lottery Commission decided to decrease the cash payout on the scratch off games. The Lottery Commission then came out with the Cash 5 and Texas Million games. They then srewed up the Cash 5 by playing it four times instead of twice weekly which drove the winning pots down even more and further eroded interest in all of the games. The Texas Million game was a flop before the first ticket was ever sold. So now here we are on the brink of another disaster by a bunch of clowns who allowed greed (theirs) to ruin what had been for a while a decent Lottery. So Don O. If you are out there reading I can tell you this, I won't be spending my money on a 54 balls 26,000,000 to 1 lottery and I know a lot of people who feel the same way about it as I do. In summation -- until these Lottery Commission people pull their heads out of the sand and face up to the reality that this crap isn't working, I can foresee continued loss of sales until someone in charge of over-seeing the Lotto pulls the plug on these clowns and ushers in some fresh faces with innovative ideas. This Lottery as it currently is needs a complete revamping as far as I am concerned. Well Dawn, that's about all I have to say on this matter. However I will be watching your posts so that I can stay informed and up to date. Thanks, JWS. Ft. Worth

Dawn, I wish that I could help with this crusade, but since I live in Arkansas I really don't know what I can do. Even though I am pure-bred Texan and have played the Lotto from day one.....I sometimes drive the 195 miles just to purchase my lotto tickets....there have been very FEW times I have gone through a draw without my everyone else I keep dreaming that dream. I am printing out the petition and mailing it to all family members and friends in Texas.....but if I can do anything else please let me know.....I am afraid if this 54 ball goes over I just may have to stop playing.....too big of odds....besides, I have a truck-driver husband who can get lotto's for me all over the USA....I just always wanted to win the TEXAS know!!! Thanks for all the hard work and the time you put in to this for all of us....THANKS!! Jewell F. (Oh no, you are exactly who the TLC wants to hear from. They are trying to attract the people from the border states so your petition will be invaluable. Thank you for taking your timeto help us.)

I agree with your article. I played the Illinois lotto when they raised the amount of balls used. They at least gave you two number lines for a dollar. I would like to hear more about the winners. I treat those stories like a success builder and want to buy more tickets next time.

I seem to be having a problem getting this written, but I will try again. I agree with both opinions and the comments you made that were in this mornings Dallas Morning News. You have a big fight on your hands but you also have a lot of help out here among your readers so we just need to know what, where, and how to help so give us some direction and we will help. tommycc

I just read the report on your web site about why lottery sales are down. I checked the site (at a different time than I normally do) because I had just read a newspaper story concerning the changes to Lotto AGAIN. You had some very good points on why Lotto sales are down. I agree that based on the sales the Millionaire drawing it needs to be dropped. I also think that sales would improve if they stopped the 4 times a week Cash 5 and went back to 2 times a week on that. One last point that I found out during the last change mess was how the prizes are paid. The commission estimates a prize but then guarantees that estimate. When the lottery was first started, I understood the distribution of cash to be 5 cents to the seller, 45 cents to the state and 50 cents to the prize fund. I understood that the prizes would be paid as whatever number of tickets at 3 dollars, a set percentage for the 4 numebr winners, a set percentage for the 5 number winners, and the remainder for the jackpot winner. This is why it was an estimated prize. No one said anything about a reserve fund to guarantee estimated jackpots. I suggest that they do away with the reserve fund. This would mean that there would be no worries about the prize amount and they would have less excuse for messing with the game. One other aspect of paying the prize fund the way they do is that there is less trust in the State paying the proper prize. People won't gamble with people they don't trust. Instill some trust in the government and sales may increase. One other aspect that the commission must realize is that many of the lottery sales are at gas stations. If gas prices are outrageous it makes people think more about where their money is going. This means they will reconsider the extra spending on the lottery. I realize that there is nothing the Lottery Commission can do about gas prices, but they must realize that it hurts lottery sales. Obviously, this has not been taken into account by the Commission. Once again, I fear that it is time to fight the Lottery Commission and say "Leave our game alone." Steve R

WHEN 54 BALL'S GO INTO EFFECT IT WILL BE THE LAST TICKET I PURCHASE. No wonder the sales are down...they keep changing the rules first it was cash 5 (2 times a week) then they changed to cash 5 ( 4 times a week ) SEEMS TO ME THEY ARE GREEDY...Sally

Dawn: I can't believe we've got to go thru this whole thing again !!! They were overwhelmed the last time and now they're back at it. When are they going to learn IT'S THE ODDS! If they'd just REDUCE THE ODDS, by removing 5 balls, more people would play more often and more money. Do you have the names and addresses of all the Lottery Commissioners? I'll try one more time. Regards, Jim

Dear Ms. Nettles:
The old adage, "Money is in proportion to Risk" should apply to the proposed increase from 50 to 54 balls for Lotto Texas. For the most part, it doesn't. Based upon the following article appearing in the Dallas Morning News (3/15/00) we find 50 Balls 54 Balls Match Chance Chance
3/6 1/60 1/74.7
4/6 1/1120 1/1526
5/6 1/60192 1/89678
6/6 1/15890700 1/25827165
50 Balls 54 Balls Risk Projected
Match Prize Prize 54 Ball Prize
3/6 $ 3 $ 5 $ 3.73
4/6 $ 100 $ 105 $ 136.30
5/6 $ 1,500 $ 2,500 $ 2,234.79
6/6 $ 4 Mil $ 4 Mil $ 6.5 Mil
The only risk proportioned winnings are in 3/6 and 5/6. And guess which will occur more frequently: 3/6 for a whopping $ 1.27 increase. The Texas Lotto player is getting bamboozled for $ 1.27 every time he less frequently wins 3/6. For more information look up Leveraging A Lottery by John T. Thorngren.Sincerely, John T. T.

Hi, Just read your article on the TLC....and I say "Here, here....I believe that you have stated it very clearly and well. I, for one, don't want to see the proposed changes that seem to be headed our way in the Lottery, but of all of them, the one that would bother me the very least, I think, would be the lower initial jackpot for each draw. Am looking forward to your slant on the goings on at the TLC meeting that was held today, Tues. March 14, 2000. Hope the weather cooperated for your trip there and back. Well, that's all for now. Take care. Thank you for taking the time to read and possibly to respond to this... Jan C.

March 13,2000. Dear Dawn: Just finished reading your report on your website with the battle you were having with the "Texas Lottery Commission ." We were long time players in the "Texas Lottery," and we didn't agree with the changes they wanted to make. " Thank you for all your hard work in stopping the "Lottery Commission from winning over "us." We use to play the "Louisiana Lottery" and they have totally ruined the "jackpot." It went to thirty million one time and now it starts at $250,000 and rolls over at the rate of $25,000. The "Lottery Comission" sent eight million to the state government the last quarter. They tell us that they don't have the volume of players like they use to, and therefore smaller jackpots, HA! The first of January 2000, Louisiana Lottery made it's first " ONE BILLION " since it started the lottery. We hear the Texas lottery has hit over " FOUR point FIVE BILLION." What do they do with all this revenue? Thank you again for all your hard work, love your website. A friend from east Texas

Dawn, I've been hearing about the changes due for the Lotto with the addition of 4 more balls to make it "harder" and with larger payoffs. Yeah right! I believe the harder part. Somehow I think this is going to make fewer people play than they do now but I'm fairly new at this. Diane

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